The Holiday

We went for a short holiday a couple of days ago.


There was a lot of water.

There was a motor boat.

There was a lot of nice food.

And most of all, there was a lot of laughter, relax and great time.

Oh, and there was a lizard, too…


Here are some moments that I captured to share with you:

Hungary Tisza region holiday summer boat

Granny Square Purse

granny square purse



Here it is.
granny square purse

Last time I showed you these squares.

They were so much fun to make.

You can find the tutorial here.
granny square purse

After I finished the squares (and stared at them lovingly for about three hours) I went on and crocheted them together to make two panels.

One panel has more yellow in it, the other one has more green tones.

AND, I’ve found out that by crocheting things together I can make the seams look so much neater.

Love that.
granny square purse

The last thing I made was a long strip that I used to join the panels with.

And again, I connected the panels and the strip by crocheting them together.

That’s a good thing to do.
granny square purse


There’s one more ‘last thing’.

The really last thing that I am considering to do with this bag is to line it with fabric.

And here’s where I’d like to ask you, dear skillful crafters out there: Have you ever done that?

(I mean lining a bag with fabric.)

And have you ever done that by hand?

(I mean lining a bag with fabric.)

What do you think?

Is that and easy job to do?

(I mean lining a bag with fabric.)


And thanks.


I See Many Caps

crocheted cap

(Update: To see the pattern, please visit my ONLINE SHOP!)



Hand made caps.

My Mom’s made them.

This winter.


crocheted cap

A purple cap.

Love the color.

Love the pom-pom.


crocheted cap

They all have pom-poms.


crocheted cap

I like the pattern.

And the colors, too.


crocheted cap

This might be my most favorite one.

I love all shades of gray.

For some reason.


crocheted cap

Cute, cute, cute.



It’s totally in the genes.

With me it’s mostly slippers and purses that I feel this strange need to produce in dozens. My Mom, on the other hand, makes cap after cap after sweater after cap after sweater… after cap.

I love her.


Hey, guys! Do you also have an obsession that runs in your family and you love it?

I need to know…

(Update: To see the pattern, please visit my ONLINE SHOP!)


Happy Valentine’s Day


Some of us are happy in our relationships and surrounded by people we love and who love us back.

Some of us are not.

And that’s exactly where delicious food enters the game with its magical ability to make everyone happy.


So whether you stand left or right on this field, these yummy thingies can make your soul sing:


egg muffins recipe by Jessica Seinfeld

Scrambled Egg Muffins.

They are cute, quick to make and with the addition of cut out pepper hearts they make a great idea for a lazy brunch.


molten lava cakes recipe with step by step picture tutorial

Molten Lava Cakes.

These make a clear statement.

I mean, this is very much what sin looks like.

A perfect, sweet sin.


strawberry parfaits recipe with step by step picture tutorial

Strawberry Cheesecake Parfaits – heaven in a glass.


strawberry roulada recipe with step by step picture tutorial

Or how about making this fluffy Roulade with Strawberries and Cream.

Because where there’s cream, good things are likely to happen.

And on top of that, this roulade is amazingly simple to prepare.


chicken with creamy sauce recipe with step by step picture tutorial, chicken paprikash recipe

And this dish… this dish, my dear friends, is the direct way to a man’s heart.

It is Chicken with Heavenly Creamy Sauce.

Tested and proven.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Pure love.


I wish you the most beautiful Valentine’s.

Love you, guys.



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