New Pattern – Little Girl’s Crochet Purse


Remember the colorful crochet flowers that I showed you in my last post?

In that post I kept it secret where they belonged… but now the secret can be told – the large happy flowers were made to accompany this purse. I named the whole thing the ‘Little Girl’s Purse’, my new summer pattern.




Summer and big happy colorful flowers, I think it works together just perfectly, doesn’t it?




If you’d like to create a similar purse, you can find all the details in my shop.

Enjoy your summer crafting!


New Pattern ~ Crochet Owl Purse


A new pattern has been born.

This time it’s Crochet Owl Purse!

I have to admit that I have fallen in love with owls completely …and with all big-eyed creatures in general, to tell you the whole truth.

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