The Cutest Teddy Bears Ever

Days like the one I’ve had today are both great and terrible.

Great because I’ve found the most amazing and cute creatures in the whole wide universe.

And terrible… because I’ve found the most amazing and cute creatures in the whole wide universe… and I need them right now… and don’t have them right now.


Please, meet Momo.


And Happy Pinu.


They are totally, completely, undoubtedly alive.

And so lovable.


Hello Bibu!

Aren’t you just adorable?


Hi Miku!

You are super, super, super cute.


These heart-melting babies are handmade and produced by the very talented Aintzi.

This amazingly crafty artist runs an Etsy shop called Knitting Dreams.

That place is astonishing.


What do you think, my friends?

Don’t you just love those guys?


I am seriously considering getting one of them into my life somehow.

Either I buy one, or I make one.


Hm, making one would definitely be a challenge, but so worth the effort.

But then, I really love to craft.

And I’ve happened to learn that the lovely fuzzy hair, the secret of those guys’ look, is made of mohair.

I am already thinking about where to get that… so I’m getting a slight clue where this all leads…

Will keep you posted!


Love From The Forest

The forest behind my parents’ house is sending you some love.

Some warm winter love – just for YOU to enjoy.

Although we are having true winter here,  there are days filled with sun – oh, can these be beautiful.

Just go on – feel it!

Feel the LOVE!!!

Feel the rich verdant love going your way.

Because the forest never sleeps.

Though it’s good at pretending.


We can see more!

We can see the romantic love going on between the sun and the resting branches.

Wherever you might hide it – we find it, dear forest.

Because we like your forest love.

(Had nothing special today – just ordinary stuff plus strawberry yogurt – in case you wondered how I lift my spirits.)

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