halloween 2015

I hope your weekend was beautiful, spookylicious and sweet. Here are a few snippets from mine…

halloween 2015

halloween 2015

Love you!


Sunshiny Greetings

green grass blue skies

I am sending you sunshiny greetings from the very heart of Europe, the place where I am spending a short holiday right now. Gosh, I wish it lasted forever. But then in the same breath I have to admit that I am really looking forward to the new cooking and crocheting adventures that are going to start back home very soon.

Have a gorgeous day!

With lots of love,



A Spring Picnic

picnic in spring

There are very few things that I love more than watching nature wake up from its sleep during the first days of Spring. Throw a picnic into the game and I am in heaven.

Is Spring filling you with so much joy as well? And if you love a different season of the year more, which one is it? Do tell!

Wishing you a lovely day!

Petra xoxo


Christmas in Vienna

Christmas 2013 in Vienna - Vienna Christmas Market

Hello friends!

I hope you and yours are enjoying a very happy holiday season!

We definitely are!

One of the things that have made me happy recently was a trip to Vienna that we took a few days before Christmas. The only goal of the trip was to soak up the lovely festive atmosphere that this amazing city is so famous for around this time of year. With a simple goal like this, the mission was really easy to accomplish. We strolled the streets of Vienna city center utterly amazed at the abundance of wonderful Christmas cheer that was present just everywhere.

Are you friends ready for a lot of bright Christmassy goodness? Yes? Then here we go…


Christmas 2013 in Vienna - Vienna Christmas Market

Christmas 2013 in Vienna - Vienna Christmas Market

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