New Pattern ~ Crochet Pumpkin Bag

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Hi, everyone!

Yes, you all saw it clearly, the picture that I had shown you in my last post was a picture of a pumpkin, or more specifically – a pumpkin handbag.

Or even more specifically, a Halloween treat handbag.

I have just listed the pattern for the bag in my Etsy Shop. So if you are interested, you can find more details about it there. (Just a small detail – it has exactly seven gazillion pictures in it.)

Orange Bag… And My New Shop

crochet flower purse pattern

(Update: To see my original crochet patterns, please visit my ONLINE SHOP!)


A new bag has been born.

I guess somebody had a picture of full-blown spring or summer on her mind while making it.

Can you feel the sunshine?

And the sweet smell of flowers in bloom?



crochet flower purse pattern

Of course, there’s an inside pocket.

Granny Square Purse

granny square purse



Here it is.
granny square purse

Last time I showed you these squares.

They were so much fun to make.

You can find the tutorial here.
granny square purse

After I finished the squares (and stared at them lovingly for about three hours) I went on and crocheted them together to make two panels.

One panel has more yellow in it, the other one has more green tones.

AND, I’ve found out that by crocheting things together I can make the seams look so much neater.

Love that.
granny square purse

The last thing I made was a long strip that I used to join the panels with.

And again, I connected the panels and the strip by crocheting them together.

That’s a good thing to do.
granny square purse


There’s one more ‘last thing’.

The really last thing that I am considering to do with this bag is to line it with fabric.

And here’s where I’d like to ask you, dear skillful crafters out there: Have you ever done that?

(I mean lining a bag with fabric.)

And have you ever done that by hand?

(I mean lining a bag with fabric.)

What do you think?

Is that and easy job to do?

(I mean lining a bag with fabric.)


And thanks.


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