Dressing An Airbed (a.k.a. Project Happiness Overload)

crochet bed cover and crochet cushions

Hi friends!

Today I am super happy to present my newest project to you. It’s a thing that’s been keeping me blissfully busy for the past few weeks. A crocheted airbed cover and cushions for my office nook.


crochet bed cover and crochet cushions

What I had in my mind while putting this together?

Happy. Happy. Happy.

That’s basically all. 🙂

And what’s the whole story behind the project?

Well, it’s kind of funny and unexpected. It has two parts…


crochet bed cover and crochet cushions

About my old airbed… I dragged that one into my ‘office’ room in a rather secret way one day to, ahem, improve my ‘working conditions’, ahem ahem (I covered it with a blanket and it worked like a charm). And later, to my no surprise, when discovered by my little two year old son, it was elevated into a position of his favorite place to play (especially as a slide… a short one, but still) 🙂 And as it often goes with mamas, when I saw the happiness in my boy’s eyes when he played on this bed, I thought – ‘Hey, what if we made this a little cuter?’



And that’s where the second part of the story comes into play. I realized that the columns of colorful crocheted squares that had been lying on my table ready to be made into a blanket could be actually used for something else. A new bed cover. A circus-extravaganza bed cover.

So that’s exactly what I did.


crochet bed cover and crochet cushions

The whole project was very easy to make – the main pink part is made of rows of double crochet stitches (US terms). And then there are loads of solid crocheted squares that were attached to the main pink part (I joined the back stitches only).

The yarn that I used is called Red Heart – Lisa and I used a 3 mm crochet hook.


crochet solid granny square chart

I made the squares following this pattern.


crochet bed cover and crochet cushions

Oh, and I made a few cushions too using the same kind of squares. I will post a tutorial on those in one of my future posts…


crochet bed cover and crochet cushions

Frankly, I was so looking forward to sharing this project with you! It makes me so happy, I hope the colors will bring a little joy into your day too.

See ya!

With lots of love,



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  1. 1
    Tracy King says:

    Awesome! I love the bright happy colors. Super idea ?

  2. 2
    kavya says:

    good i like the

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