My Most Favorite Free Crochet Patterns

free crochet pattern - slippers

As the seasons change and the weather gets colder these days, many of us become more and more tempted to enjoy the cosiness of our homes and devote time to our favorite hobbies.

If crocheting is your thing, then you might find inspiration in some of the following projects. They are all free patterns that I have put together and enjoyed over the past few years. I thought it could come in handy to list them in one post.



free crochet pattern - slippers

Simple Crochet Slippers.

free crochet pattern - slippers

I made many variations of the slippers pattern. I liked these pink ones a lot.


free crochet pattern - slippers

And these Halloween ones were a lot fun to make too.


free crochet pattern - Halloween Ghost

A Crochet Halloween Ghost.


free crochet pattern - mini slippers ornaments

Mini Crochet Slipper Ornaments.


free crochet pattern - happy crochet sun

Happy Little Crochet Suns.


free crochet pattern - spring placemat with flower

A Crochet Spring Placemat.


free crochet pattern - Easter egg

A Crochet Easter Egg.


free crochet pattern - Easter placemat

An Easter Placemat.


free crochet pattern - crochet flower

A Crochet Flower.


free crochet pattern - crochet swirls

Crochet Swirls.


free knitted pattern - simple knit infinity scarf

And I have a knitted bonus for your too – it’s A Simple Knit Infinity Scarf … I could make these forever.

Happy crafting!


(To find more colorful and fun crochet patterns, feel free to visit my online shop.)


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