Happy Little Suns ~ Tutorial


The Happy Little Suns are back… this time with a picture tutorial.

I’d say that it’s quite simple to make them, the whole process requires only basic sewing and crocheting skills.



These are the needed supplies.

Felt: since each sun consists of two circles which measure about 4.2 inches (10.5 cm) in diameter, to make one sun you will need a piece of felt which measures about 9 x 5 inches (22 x 12 cm). Of course, you can create suns that will be larger or smaller than that.

Yarn: I have used sport weight yarn in beige color to embroider the face and worsted weight yarn in yellow color to crochet the border.

Crochet hook: G (4 mm).

Pen/marker, scissors, yarn needle.

A bowl:  I used one that measures about 4.2 inches (10.5 cm) in diameter. It is used to trace the edges of the sun.

Polyfill/toy stuffing: … pssst, I use cheap pillows from IKEA to get my polyfill. They cost only about $1 and they have tons of polyfill inside. Okay, maybe not tons, but it’s still a LOT!


1. To begin, place the bowl upside-down on the piece of felt and trace the edges of the bowl with the marker.

Repeat to mark one more circle.


2. Cut along the traced marks so you have two circles.



3. Draw the eyes, nose and mouth on one of the circles.



4. Using a sewing stitch which is called the chain stitch, embroider the eyes and mouth.

If you are not familiar with this sewing stitch, you can find plenty helpful videos on Youtube.com.



Then make two short stitches to embroider the nose.



5. Now, place the circles on top of each other, with the embroidered circle being on top.

With the yellow yarn and using a sewing stitch which is called the blanket stitch, join the edges of the circles. The blanket stitches should be placed about 1/4 inch (7 mm) apart. Before you finish joining the circles, leave a small opening through which your little sun will be stuffed.

You can make as many stitches as you like, but the final number needs to be dividable by 3!!!

My suns have 45 blanket stitches.

Again, Youtube.com offers lots and lots of videos on this stitch too.



6. Fill your sun with some polyfill.



And finish the sewing.


7. Now the crocheting part ensues (with US crochet terms being used!)…

Attach the yellow yarn to one of the blanket stitches.

To do so, make a slip knot and set it aside; insert the hook in random blanket stitch, then insert the hook in the slip knot…



… Then pull the slip knot through the blanket stitch,  yarn over and pull the yarn through the loop on your hook. And that’s our first stitch.




8. Continue with:

– chain 3, skip two blanket stitches, slip stitch in following stitch,

– *chain 4, skip two blanket stitches, slip stitch in following stitch*

– repeat the *…* part till the end of the round,



– then finish with one slip stitch in first stitch of this round.



9. In each ‘chain 4’ loop of previous round crochet a shell consisting of these stitches:

*1 single crochet – 1 half double crochet – 1 double crochet – 1 treble crochet – 1 double crochet – 1 half double crochet – 1 single crochet*.



Repeat the *…* pattern all around, then join with slip stitch in first stitch of this round.

Finish off and weave in the ends.

And that’s it.



In the previous post, I asked you about ideas on how these little suns could be used and you came with many awesome possibilities… and I thank you for all you all of them (you can find the suggestions in the comment section of THIS post).

For now, I only attached a simple short string/piece of yarn to the back side of two top shells and secured both ends of the string with a knot.


That way, the little suns can easily be hung anywhere you’d like.


And here’s a little picture roundup:




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6 thoughts on “Happy Little Suns ~ Tutorial

  1. 1
    Lorraine says:

    Something so simple as a happy face and so very heartwarming 🙂 I could see one of these becoming a child’s lovie. Thank you for sharing this tutorial, Petra!

  2. 2
    TINe says:

    Oh you did a perfect photo-tutorial!
    Thank you very much

  3. 3

    Thanks for this wondeful Tutorial. Can’t wait to make these… Happy Monday.

  4. 4
    Edna Grace says:

    Been looking forward to these! Thank you, Petra!

  5. 5
    Susi says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. It is awesome.

  6. 6
    Rituparna says:

    Oh! Those look so beautiful & fun! It has been a while since I have been here, but every time I come back there is more fun, joy and surprise ready to greet me.

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