Coffee Break

latte shabby chic mug and spring flower magazines

(Day 73/365)

My strategy today: vanilla latte, countless pages of spring magazines and a lot of sweet crochet. In your face, snowstorm!!

Wishing you a nice day!


Evolution Of My Crochet Pouf – Part 3

crochet pouf (floor cushion)

(Photography Project 365 – Day 72)

My crochet floor cushion extravaganza (aka Project Pouf) is progressing merrily. I am still trying to find the color and stitch combinations that make me happiest…

Fun fact: I started the third version of the pouf today. And chocolate is my best friend right now, I need to admit :).

Wishing you a good day!



Color Shields

colorful mugs with flowers and nails painted with different colors

(Photography Project 365 – Day 71)

They are saying we should expect snow here in the heart of Europe by the end of this week.

To protect my sanity, I am taking serious precautions of very cheerful kind. Building colorful shields here and there might help, I hope…

Wishing you a pretty day!


My Grand Monday Escape

slice of strawberry cake

(Day 70/365)

I escaped all my duties today… and it felt amazing!

Early in the morning, me and a good friend of mine got on a train and set off on an impromptu trip to a nearby town.

Once we got there, we filled our time with a nice walk under a smiling early-spring sun and a visit to a cafe to enjoy a lovely cup of steaming coffee and a slice of delicious cake.

crochet monster cell phone cover


slice of coffee cake

What a special, unique and sweet day this has been. It feels really refreshing to shake up the routine sometimes.



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