Fight For The Light

how to improve histogram using Photoshop

It’s nearly winter.

If you take photographs (and especially if you take photographs inside your home) then you’re surely familiar with what winter time means to a photographer.

Short days and poor light.




“But what are we going to do?”


“And what else are we going to do?”



Well, that was my inner motivational trainer talking to the evil part of me that likes to solve all problems with bars of chocolate. They clash, those two, quite often.

Anyhow, as a food blogger, I am currently solving just that problem – how to achieve a better looking light in my pictures.

But you know what?

I have found out that sometimes it might be good to face an obstacle. Because facing an obstacle might lead you to learning new things. Like finding out what a histogram is. And finding out about its magical powers.

Because that strange looking and strange sounding histogram is in fact a dear friend.

Just let me show you…

Photography ~ My Photo Editing Process

photo editing process before and after comparison, simple tutorial, photography tutorial, crop tool, resize, boost action, pioneer woman actions, histogram correcting exposure, sharpening, boosting contrast, lighten shadows

I’ve realized that although I have already posted a bunch of photo editing tutorials here before, I have never described my entire photo editing process – step by step.

And since many of you have asked about it, I’ve prepared this little post describing my usual workflow.

Some steps you may be familiar with, some steps may be new to you. Some steps might even look strange, especially if you are a trained photographer. Which I am not. But what I am offering here is the knowledge that I’ve gained during the last two years of my photography and blogging experience. So if you have anything to add, please do so in the comment section of this post.

Learning new things is good.

That is what I’ve heard some people saying so there’s probably something to it.

Photography ~ How to Copy a Color from a Picture

How to Copy a Color from a Picture Photoshop step by step picture tutorial

Have you ever heard of Pinterest?

Many of you have, I am sure.

Pinterest is basically a very magical place. You can spend hours and hours there and you will think that something like five minutes only must have gone by.

It’s especially useful when there’s a lot of house cleaning waiting to be done. That’s for sure.

To be slightly more specific, Pinterest is a visual bookmarking site. So if you find a visually attractive picture somewhere in the deep wide web and you want to save that picture for later, you just add it to one of your boards on Pinterest. And that’s it. For me, it’s so much more effective to store pictures, sites, projects, or ideas in a visual way.


How to Copy a Color from a Picture Photoshop step by step picture tutorial

Pinterest offers so many creative ideas that it is useful to keep things organized. For this reason you open specific boards. I have created one with pictures of food, there is also one on travel, and there are others on crafts, photography, fun, teddy bears, and one dedicated solely to beautiful colors.

Which brings me to the point of this post…

Photography ~ Adjusting Exposure With Levels

photography, adjusting exposure with levels in photoshop

The title might seem a little too scary. But you totally don’t have to be scared when it comes to photography tutorials over here at this little site of mine. Because my tutorials are just not difficult. Maybe because my thinking doesn’t get difficult (uh-oh).

And so here I have another simple yet effective tutorial for you.

The technique that I’d like to show you today is magical. I have used it to edit my pictures for the past few weeks. Yes, only weeks, because it was just a few weeks ago when I discovered it. But man, do I wish I’d found it much earlier. As you’ll see, the Levels adjustment turns dull, lifeless images into ones that seem to pop right off the screen in a matter of seconds…


photography, adjusting exposure with levels in photoshop
Here is the original picture with no editing at all.


photography, adjusting exposure with levels in photoshop
And here’s the same picture, after I’ve made some Level adjustments.

As you can see, there’s more contrast in the picture, the colors are richer, the shadows are black and not gray, and the picture is brighter as well.

I like that. I like that lot.

Here are the steps that have transformed the picture:

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