Photography – Adding Golden Glow In Photoshop

adding golden glow in photoshop tutorial

Adding golden glow to your images is a simple yet effective editing technique that allows you to bring more warmth, glow and contrast to your images.

I remembered this simple technique while editing the pictures for my latest recipe – the langos.


adding golden glow in photoshop tutorial

When I was looking at the pictures I took and compared them to reality, I thought that the delicious fried bread shown in my images was lacking a bit of the beautifully golden color that it actually possessed. The pictures were just not doing the real thing justice.


langos AFTER

This is the image after the golden glow effect was applied.

The change is slight and rather subtle. But it did just what I was looking for – it deepened the image, added more contrast, and most importantly, it brought nice warming golden glow to my subject.


adding golden glow in photoshop tutorial

To add more glow to your pictures, just follow these simple steps.

1. Open your image in Photoshop (I am using Photoshop Elements 11 here).

2. Duplicate the background layer (Ctrl + J for PC/Command + J for Mac).

3. In the top bar of your screen press Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur and in the small window that pops up move the slider to choose the setting that blurs your image completely (I went up to 37.5 % for my image).

4. Press OK.


adding golden glow in photoshop tutorial

5. Change the Blending Mode to Slight Light. You can find the Blending Mode option in the upper right part of your screen, right above the open layers.

6. If you are happy with the result, just save the image. If you’d like to reduce the effect, you can use the Opacity slider to make the effect more subtle (you can find the Opacity slider in the upper right part of your screen, right above the open layers). In this particular image, I liked the result of the effect at 63 % opacity.


langos - golden glow - wm

And that’s it! Pretty easy, right?

Enjoy your editing!



Moving Photos – Simple Animation Tutorial

how to create animated moving photos in Photoshop Elements


Let me introduce my new favorite mirror to you. Love it! It was, as it often happens in my life, a gift from my Mom. Thank you Mommy!

To show you all that my new mirror can ‘do’, I have put together a small and simple animation for you.

If you wish to create something similar with your own pictures, just follow these simple steps:

1. To make your own animation, you need at least two pictures. Open both of them in Photoshop Elements (I am using Photoshop Elements 8 here). I am sure that most of the other photo editing programs out there can do the same thing too.

2. Now you need to get these two (or more) pictures into one file. To do so, drag one ‘preview’ picture from the lower menu over the ‘real-size’ picture in the center of your screen (now both pictures are in one file, but as two separate layers).

3. Go to File menu -> Save for Web and select the format as GIF, check the checkbox ‘Animate’. Also check the ‘Loop’ checkbox and specify the delay timing. I chose 1.5 seconds there. Click OK.

And that’s it! Your animation has been created!!


Have a very good day!



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