My Year In Pictures (Weeks 15 And 16)

new granny square with circles in center

Hi friends!

I hope you are doing fine!

The past two weeks of my life have been really relaxing and nice. Here are a few moments that I snapped…

I enjoyed playing with colors to make a few of my granny squares with circles inside. Pure relax!

My Year In Pictures (Week 14)

purple flower macro

Hi guys!

I hope your week was lovely, happy and colorful.

Mine definitely was!

Here are a few moments that I captured…

water drop on flower petal

I took many many pictures of flowers this past week.

I am planning to put together a little free collection of colorful macro flower shots to use as desktop wallpapers.


fruit cakeI celebrated the second birthday of my crochet pattern shop.


fancy shabby chic cupcake cases

I found these adorable cupcake trays. Now I need to find a worthy recipe to fill them with.


colorful pasta in a bowlI took mood pictures of pasta. For some reason, I just felt like it. Actually, when I think about it, I just might have been overjoyed by the fact that it is now possible to take pictures at as late as 4 in the afternoon. Aaah, love those stronger rays of light.


cat box closed

Got me this pretty box.


crochet hooks in a box

It stores my crochet hooks perfectly.


granny afghan in mag inspiration

Getting inspired by this lovely granny crochet afghan in a magazine.


granny square with colorful circle in the middle

Consequently, designing this new granny square here. It made me really happy!


colorful yarn in basket

Now I am playing with colors to choose the right ones for more crochet granny squares.

Wishing you a nice week!



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