My Year In Pictures (Weeks 15 And 16)

new granny square with circles in center

Hi friends!

I hope you are doing fine!

The past two weeks of my life have been really relaxing and nice. Here are a few moments that I snapped…

I enjoyed playing with colors to make a few of my granny squares with circles inside. Pure relax!

My Year In Pictures (Week 14)

purple flower macro

Hi guys!

I hope your week was lovely, happy and colorful.

Mine definitely was!

Here are a few moments that I captured…

water drop on flower petal

I took many many pictures of flowers this past week.

I am planning to put together a little free collection of colorful macro flower shots to use as desktop wallpapers.


fruit cakeI celebrated the second birthday of my crochet pattern shop.


fancy shabby chic cupcake cases

I found these adorable cupcake trays. Now I need to find a worthy recipe to fill them with.


colorful pasta in a bowlI took mood pictures of pasta. For some reason, I just felt like it. Actually, when I think about it, I just might have been overjoyed by the fact that it is now possible to take pictures at as late as 4 in the afternoon. Aaah, love those stronger rays of light.


cat box closed

Got me this pretty box.


crochet hooks in a box

It stores my crochet hooks perfectly.


granny afghan in mag inspiration

Getting inspired by this lovely granny crochet afghan in a magazine.


granny square with colorful circle in the middle

Consequently, designing this new granny square here. It made me really happy!


colorful yarn in basket

Now I am playing with colors to choose the right ones for more crochet granny squares.

Wishing you a nice week!



My Year In Pictures – Week 13


Hi guys!

I hope you are doing fine…

I had a nice week. Okay, there was some snow that I did not order, but other than that, it was good.

Here are a few moments that I captured…


I gave the Girly Kinder Surprise another chance this week. Two times, actually. The picture above shows what I found…



After winter comes winter. WHAT?


cat mug

A little mug therapy.

So hard to resist!


Easter market

I visited an Easter market.


Easter market


art and street reflection

Me, art and the street.


pattern crochet floor cushion

Finishing my crochet floor cushion project felt really AMAZING.


knitting green scarf

A little bit of knitting ensued for a change.


rabbit shaped dinner rolls

Trying a recipe for Easter Bunny shaped rolls. They turned out rather devilish…


tomato soup and rabbit dinner roll

But they tasted yummy.



A little Easter decor.


ladybird rubber band

Love these babies.


scented colorful tea candles

Standing face to face with one of my biggest obsessions. And I love that sight.


perfect bundt cake

And a yummy treat for Sunday…

Wishing you a nice week!



My Year In Pictures – Week 12

by a lake at golden hour

What a colorful, relaxing and lovely week this was.

Here are a few moments that I captured…


by a lake at golden hour

(Day 77/365)

Watching sunset by a lake. A very good place where the golden hour can be spent.


by the lake swans


colorful crochet circles

(Day 78/365)

The state of the crochet pouf: currently working on version number 3; so far I am quite pleased with the result.

dog in knitted sweaters

(Day 79/365)

A trip to visit my parents. I met their three little dolls again. And yes, Mom knits sweaters for them too 🙂


dobg in knitted sweaters



(Day 80/365)

Mom and Dad gave me a lovely tour of their garden.

Love that place!


garden and trees in spring


flowers snowdrops


red mug and espresso machine

(Day 81/365)

This one still remains my favorite. So special.


walk along the river Danube

(Day 82/365)

A refreshing walk along the river Danube… not all the way, just a bit 🙂


waffles with cream and strawberries

(Day 83/365)

And the traditional Sunday morning sweet treat.

Wishing you a nice new week.



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