My Mom’s New Passion

handmade jewelry

I might have said it a few times before and now I have to say it again – in addition to being the sweetest, kindest and most generous one, to me, my Mom is also the most skillful, hard-working, inspiring and the most amazing person I have ever met or known in my whole life. I have talked about her amazing painting, gorgeous woodcarving, sculpting, gardening or her knitting and crocheting skills in my previous posts. She is absolutely 100% self-taught and in her creative process she always lets her imagination inspire her.

Just recently, during my latest visit, she’d once again left me speechless when she showed me her newest passion – jewelry making.

She says that she’s just starting and that she’s learning basically all her skills from a jewelry channel on TV, but wow, for a beginner, I think her creations look great! She makes rings, pendants and bracelets. Just have a look… I love them all!


handmade jewelry

handmade jewelry

handmade jewelry

handmade jewelry

handmade jewelry

handmade jewelry

handmade jewelry

handmade jewelry

handmade jewelry

handmade jewelry

handmade jewelry

Thank you for letting me share, Mom! You are the best! And I also have this little suspicion that you might be an angel on Earth!



I See Many Caps

crocheted cap

(Update: To see the pattern, please visit my ONLINE SHOP!)



Hand made caps.

My Mom’s made them.

This winter.


crocheted cap

A purple cap.

Love the color.

Love the pom-pom.


crocheted cap

They all have pom-poms.


crocheted cap

I like the pattern.

And the colors, too.


crocheted cap

This might be my most favorite one.

I love all shades of gray.

For some reason.


crocheted cap

Cute, cute, cute.



It’s totally in the genes.

With me it’s mostly slippers and purses that I feel this strange need to produce in dozens. My Mom, on the other hand, makes cap after cap after sweater after cap after sweater… after cap.

I love her.


Hey, guys! Do you also have an obsession that runs in your family and you love it?

I need to know…

(Update: To see the pattern, please visit my ONLINE SHOP!)


Mom’s New Art… And Georgina

My Mom’s paintings are very interesting.

They are rather abstract.

There’s one shape that, I guess, my Mom captures in most of her pictures – I can see at least eight of them in the one above.

Okay, I’ll give you a tiny little hint: it starts with ‘B’.

And ends with ‘B’ too.

And has two ‘O-s’ in between.

Do you see them now?


Yeah, my Mom is fun…

When working in her atelier she usually enjoys the company of this little darling.

Her name is Georgina.

She is my little sister – kind of Mom’s youngest child.

Since it’s still rather cold in Mom’s atelier Georgina has to be dressed properly.

She usually wears two layers of clothing to keep her perfectly warm – a sweater and a coat.

Not only does she have every single item there is for a dog to enjoy, she is also growing up in an artful environment.

I think she might be the happiest and the luckiest dog in the whole wide world.

She’s Gorgeous… Again!

I love my Mom.

Not only for she brought me into this world and has been the best companion ever since.

There’s something more.


For example – you visit her one sunny Sunday morning… and what will you find her working at?

What could that be?

Cooking lunch?

Nah – that had been done already.


No – done too.

Making a sand statue?

Right there, in her back garden?

Yeah, bingo!

Ibiza – that is how she calls her new-born beauty.

Because it was on that very island where she saw people creating similar astonishing sand wonders.

Awesome, Mom!

(Oh, and Daddy, I love you too, that’s for sure.)

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