My Mom’s New Passion

handmade jewelry

I might have said it a few times before and now I have to say it again – in addition to being the sweetest, kindest and most generous one, to me, my Mom is also the most skillful, hard-working, inspiring and the most amazing person I have ever met or known in my whole life. I have talked about her amazing painting, gorgeous woodcarving, sculpting, gardening or her knitting and crocheting skills in my previous posts. She is absolutely 100% self-taught and in her creative process she always lets her imagination inspire her.

Just recently, during my latest visit, she’d once again left me speechless when she showed me her newest passion – jewelry making.

She says that she’s just starting and that she’s learning basically all her skills from a jewelry channel on TV, but wow, for a beginner, I think her creations look great! She makes rings, pendants and bracelets. Just have a look… I love them all!


handmade jewelry

handmade jewelry

handmade jewelry

handmade jewelry

handmade jewelry

handmade jewelry

handmade jewelry

handmade jewelry

handmade jewelry

handmade jewelry

handmade jewelry

Thank you for letting me share, Mom! You are the best! And I also have this little suspicion that you might be an angel on Earth!



Sweet Treat Jewelry

I have to admit that my soul started to sing with joy the moment I found this jewelry.

Isn’t it just adorable?

Like the sweetest and cutest thing ever?

Before the Wedding

Before attending a wedding a girl has a right to go crazy.

In all possible ways.


Well, at least, I think so.

Me and my boyfriend have been invited to a wedding that is taking place tomorrow. It’s a wedding of my man’s best friend – so it’s really something.

When I was thinking about what to wear, my basic plan was to find a dress that would be very tolerant to …hm, how would I say this – a dress that would be very tolerant to what my love of food brings along.

And let’s not talk about that anymore, please.


Last Wednesday, very early in the morning, I packed three apples and set off for a journey to a nearby city to loot it from left to right and from north to south.

I decided to get the dress first and find the accessories that would go with the dress later.

Five hours, one coffee, one Red Bull and one emotional breakdown later, this dress appeared in front of me.

Thank you Marco Pecci of Peek & Cloppenburg – whoever you are – for making this lovely romantic dress for me.

You are my savior.

I think I love you!

One more coffee and three hours later, I bought the shoes which I am not showing here for indescribable reasons.

Whether I could believe or not, the day was almost over and it was time to go home.

Which was awesome because the craze had spread into two days.

On Thursday, I went to find my accessories. Since my dress and my shoes were all black I wanted to cheer the look up and decided to go for the color red.

I bought a bracelet…

… and a ring.

It’s a diamond ring.

(In my dreams…)

And then I bought these earrings.

I am not quite sure whether they go with the ring and the bracelet but I don’t worry about it much since they will be perfectly hidden under my hair.


This is a scarf.

A large scarf.

I bought it instead of a jacket or cardigan or whatever – in case the weather is cold.

I plan to wrap that around my arms so that I am a little warmer.

I love this scarf as much as a girl can love her scarf.

Just look – it’s half lace and half warm.

I really adore all the details.

In fact, I might be the only guest who is wishing for some colder weather for tomorrow.

And then there’s this.

My beloved Ruby Rose.


Doesn’t your heart feel a little warmer right now?


There’s more!

I think I might choose something from this side.


I just can’t wait for tomorrow.

See you soon.



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