Some Cute Sweaters My Mom Knitted

cute knitted sweaters and vests

Earlier this week I went to visit my parents after a couple of months.

When a visit like this takes place, me and my Mom always share the results of our current crafting adventures with each other. Thanks to this happy tradition I was allowed to see the knitted sweaters and vests that my Mom managed to finish during the months of this past winter. I have to admit, that sight left me in a state of complete amazement for quite a while… there were so many items and they were so… well… beauuutiful!

To make her sweaters, Mom almost never uses patterns and her knitted or crocheted products are usually the result of her own imagination.

Would you like to see these beauties in some more detail? Well, I will be happy to show them to you then… 

green knitted sweater

I love this color.


black and orange long knitted vest

Mom fell in love with vests like this one.


black and orange long knitted vest neck detail

Oh, how I love all these details. They are truly fascinating to me. I could study her work for hours.


white long knitted vest front side

As far as I can remember, Mom has been really great with various pattern and shape combinations.

white long knitted vest back side

The back parts of her sweaters tell their own stories. They usually look more or less different from the front parts.


purple long knitted vest

Ah, magnificent!


purple long knitted vest back side

And again, the back side of the vest shown above.


pink long knitted vest

I like this one too. It looks so comfy.

white long knitted vest with pockets

And this I call a masterpiece. It took me quite some time to figure out how it had been done.


white long knitted vest with pockets back side

The back side – just wonderful, in my humble opinion.


stirped pink grey and white long knitted vest

And this is the last one I snapped. Just waiting to be finished. Love the choice of yarn. My Dad chose it, as I’ve heard… great job, Dad :).

I hope you enjoyed this little presentation. I myself am looking forward to many more knitted and crocheted items from my beloved Mom!

With love,
Petra and Gitka


6 thoughts on “Some Cute Sweaters My Mom Knitted

  1. 1
    Adriana says:

    You have one amazing Mum!!! The jumpers and vests are absolutely fabulous. What a talented family.

  2. 2
    Martina says:

    Ahoj Petrička! No tak to som fakt hotová…., čo tá Gitka ani nespáva, určite len pletie ako o život. Keď ju prídem pozrieť bude sa premávať vo vestičkách. Je to šikula ako aj ty. Tina

  3. 3
    Edna Grace says:

    *sigh* If only I could be half as talented and prolific…how wonderful to grow up in a home filled with such inspiration. And now you pass that inspiration onto us! Yay for knitting and crocheting!

  4. 4
    Roni Jones says:

    Those sweaters are just beautiful! What talent! Thank you for sharing them with us and thank you for your wonderful blog. Your crocheted items and photos are wonderful.

  5. 5
    Kit Mun says:

    Hi I really love this vest! It’s beautiful. Do you mind share the pattern?

    • 5.1
      Petra says:

      Hi Kit! My Mom made these and I currently do not have the pattern. But I might make it available for my readers in the future, so stay tuned! Petra 🙂

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