New Kitchen

As some of you might have noticed, mostly because I was talking about it on-and-on-and-on, we have moved in a new flat.

Of course, I have a few pictures of the new place to share with you. From now on you’ll be perfectly able to imagine where me and my camera spend most of our days.

I like the kitchen quite a lot. It offers just as much space as I need with plenty of work surfaces and storage. And yes, there’s a washing machine in there too. That kitchen has suspiciously many functions. When I find another surprising one, I will definitely let you know.


What I like about the kitchen the most is this lady. Me and her, we are going to have a hot and steamy relationship.


The first piece of news that I feel the need to report is that I am working on a new pattern.

You can see it in a yet to be assembled state.

Would you be able to say what it’s gonna be?

Easy to guess? Or not?


In other news, we are moving. Which makes me glad. And nervous. All at the same time.

Glad because we are moving to a nicer and bigger city and we’ll have so many new things to explore (and take pictures of, and share with you). And nervous because I have yet to pack my kitchen.

Mars bars. Many. They help. That is all I can say.

The day ‘D’ is happening on Friday. Most of all, I can’t wait to see what the light in our new place will look like. Gosh, has my looking at things changed in the past few years. I now value good light better than anything else.

So yeah, stay tuned, there are new adventures ahead of us!

And back to the picture above – what is your guess then?


Late Late Night Projects… And Michael, Again

ego lights

This is what my late nights look like these days.

Just recently I bought these daylight imitating lights to allow me to take pictures later than the real daylight allows. So I am happily using them to take pictures for my pdf patterns. Just like right now when I am preparing a pattern for my mini teddy bears.

Let me tell you, I really love these lights. Mainly because I have all the time I need to concentrate on my projects – no haste, no hurrying, no light chasing. And secondly, I love them because my ‘night owl’ self can finally come to life again. Yes, I so am a night owl. I have always been and I love it.

So yeah, this is what I am doing at this very moment. To make the picture even more clear for you, let me add that the dawn is breaking outside my window, I feel so fine, and I am listening to this:

I wonder how he’s doing – Michael. I really hope he is fine. Maybe he’s jamming with Kurt. Maybe he’s met Amy already. And I hope Paula is good to him.

Sweet Michael.


I wish you a wonderful morning, dear friends.


Photography ~ A Sweep Stand

photography, photography, Lowel EGO Sweep Table-top Background Support Stand & Colored Paper Backgrounds,

Have you ever heard of a sweep stand?

For me, a sweep stand is a gorgeous thing. Since when I got it, my life has been one sunny, happy place. It is one of my most favorite photography tools.

I used it to create a background in all the pictures that you can see in the photo-mix above.


photography, photography, Lowel EGO Sweep Table-top Background Support Stand & Colored Paper Backgrounds,

This is what my sweep stand looks like ‘naked’.

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