A Ginberbread House For Your Mug


Look, I’ve made some gingerbread houses that sit on a side of a mug.

Now I’m in love with them.

Actually, I’ve been in love with this idea ever since I saw some gingerbread houses similar to mine on a very lovely blog called Not Martha a year or two ago.

I just knew I needed them in my life too.

So I did this:



I found these ingredients…



… and I put my hands to work. You can follow me if you want to…

1. Sift together the flour, baking soda and baking powder into a large bowl. Set aside.

Just Wondering





Or these.



Or look at these.


I just needed to show you my newest find. My love! The cutest clogs ever!

The only thing that keeps me from buying about 10 new pairs is whether it is or it is not illegal to buy summer shoes when summer is almost officially over.

But there’s still next summer, right? Are you with me?


With love,
🙂 Petra

(More clogs here. This is not a paid advertisement, this is love!)


Back In A Few Days

Hi, dear friends!

I am stopping by to let you know I… kinda… will not be able to blog for a few days since I need to take good care of my dear family (my Mum and especially my Dad). I am sure the whole situation will be much better by next week… which is when I will be back to blogging for sure.

With lots of love…

P.S.: Take care of yourselves and relax, it is a good thing to do…

Random Joy


I go through this life looking for beauty everywhere I go.

It’s the exercise I practice daily and the joy and love it brings to my heart is truly immense.

I love the world in all its moods and seasons – summer or winter, rain or shine – but when the sun is shining the brightest, the sky is the bluest blue, and the air is crisp and fresh, that is one of the world’s faces I like best.

Come along and enjoy some random pictures that I took in the past few days.

Eye candies!


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