New Look

Hello, dear friends!

Yeah! You are right. It looks different around here.

I thought it was the right time to change the look of this site a little and make it look more fresh, bright, and colorful.

There are some features I really love about this new look. Let me tell you…

For instance, there’s a new header now. It is wider, brighter and it allows space to showcase some of my favorite pictures.

This site has three columns now. I’ve always loved three columns and wished to have them. So this is pretty much a dream come true for me. The columns provide easier orientation and more eye candies for you to enjoy.

There’s a slightly larger space for photos in the central column. It’s always better to have more space for pictures. You will now be able to see my recipes, tutorials and other madness in even more detail. Whee!

Oh, and the whole site should load much faster now. Thank you, Swiss technology.

I really hope you like what you see.


Update: Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to keep your email subscriptions to this blog active. So if you want to keep receiving email alerts when this website is updated, please subscribe again. You can find the ’email subscription box’ in the right sidebar. I am very sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you!


One Year

It was exactly one year ago when I published my first post on this site.

With that post I hopped on a flying train having no idea where I was heading. I still don’t have much of a clue, but what I know for sure is that this is one crazy, wonderful and ecstatic ride.

It’s been more interesting, satisfying and fun than I’d ever imagined it to be.


Blogging has brought new love into my life – the love of photography. I am so thankful and happy for that. Now I can’t even imagine my existence without a camera and that colorful and addictive world it brings.

Blogging has made me travel and find new interesting places to show you.

Blogging has also allowed me to share my crazy cooking and crafting creations which makes the whole process of creating them even more fun.

Blogging makes me want to learn new things. And tell you about them as soon as I learn them.

Blogging provides for a space to share my scatter-brain thoughts. That helps – big time.

And most of all, blogging has brought new friends into my life – my precious, darling readers. You are the best readers there have ever been.

Thank you for being there and for being so nice!

I love you all!


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