Happy Little Suns ~ Tutorial


The Happy Little Suns are back… this time with a picture tutorial.

I’d say that it’s quite simple to make them, the whole process requires only basic sewing and crocheting skills.



These are the needed supplies.

Felt: since each sun consists of two circles which measure about 4.2 inches (10.5 cm) in diameter, to make one sun you will need a piece of felt which measures about 9 x 5 inches (22 x 12 cm). Of course, you can create suns that will be larger or smaller than that.

Yarn: I have used sport weight yarn in beige color to embroider the face and worsted weight yarn in yellow color to crochet the border.

Crochet hook: G (4 mm).

Pen/marker, scissors, yarn needle.

A bowl:  I used one that measures about 4.2 inches (10.5 cm) in diameter. It is used to trace the edges of the sun.

Polyfill/toy stuffing: … pssst, I use cheap pillows from IKEA to get my polyfill. They cost only about $1 and they have tons of polyfill inside. Okay, maybe not tons, but it’s still a LOT!


1. To begin, place the bowl upside-down on the piece of felt and trace the edges of the bowl with the marker.

Repeat to mark one more circle.

Photography ~ How to Copy a Color from a Picture

How to Copy a Color from a Picture Photoshop step by step picture tutorial

Have you ever heard of Pinterest?

Many of you have, I am sure.

Pinterest is basically a very magical place. You can spend hours and hours there and you will think that something like five minutes only must have gone by.

It’s especially useful when there’s a lot of house cleaning waiting to be done. That’s for sure.

To be slightly more specific, Pinterest is a visual bookmarking site. So if you find a visually attractive picture somewhere in the deep wide web and you want to save that picture for later, you just add it to one of your boards on Pinterest. And that’s it. For me, it’s so much more effective to store pictures, sites, projects, or ideas in a visual way.


How to Copy a Color from a Picture Photoshop step by step picture tutorial

Pinterest offers so many creative ideas that it is useful to keep things organized. For this reason you open specific boards. I have created one with pictures of food, there is also one on travel, and there are others on crafts, photography, fun, teddy bears, and one dedicated solely to beautiful colors.

Which brings me to the point of this post…

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