Crafting with Kids: Easy Air Dry Clay Christmas Ornaments

air dry Christmas ornaments

Hi friends! How are you doing?

Me and my son have been making Christmas ornaments over here. And we’d sure love to share.

They are really easy and a lot of.



Easy Christmas Air Dry Clay Ornaments

I think there’s just something really special about making handmade ornaments?

All you need is some air dry clay, a rolling pin, a couple of Christmas cookie cutters, a straw, a few interestingly textured items to give your ornaments some lovely festive patterns, brush and watercolors and some yarn. That’s it.



Easy Christmas Air Dry Clay Ornaments

To make our ornaments, we first rolled our clay into about 3 mm thickness.



Easy Christmas Air Dry Clay Ornaments

We used our cutters to cut out various shapes.



Easy Christmas Air Dry Clay Ornaments

We used a fir tree branch and a rolling print to make a fun imprint.



Easy Christmas Air Dry Clay Ornaments

We also used a piece of burlap ribbon to make a pattern.



Easy Christmas Air Dry Clay Ornaments

To make sure we’ll be able to hang our ornaments, we made holes in them using a straw.



Easy Christmas Air Dry Clay Ornaments

Cute, right!



Easy Christmas Air Dry Clay Ornaments

Love them!



Easy Air Dry Clay Christmas Ornaments

We let the ornaments dry for a day or two. And then we painted them.



Easy Air Dry Clay Christmas Ornaments

Finally we added festive pieces of yarn to be able to hang our ornaments.

Easy and fun.

We are wishing you the best Holiday Season!

We love you,

Petra and her family



Wildly Colorful (Photography Project 365 – Day 52)

mixed media framed picture combining crochet, felt and embroidery

Starting a new project when the previous one hasn’t been finished yet, this scenario happens in my life quite often. Is this a good thing? Is this a bad thing? If I only knew… All I do know, however, is that I had a pretty exciting morning playing with all kinds of beautiful, colorful and amazing stuff.

It was a bliss!


mixed media crochet felt embroidery picture in frame

The result is coming soon, I hope…

Have a very nice day!



Blissfully Busy (Photography Project 365 – Day 15)

crochet crocodile stitch owl cushion

My whole day today is blissfully revolving around cinnamon sprinkled coffee and finishing a pattern for the crocheted crocodile stitch owl cushion.

There’s a lot of picture taking, photo editing, snacking… and snacking. And snacking.

A happy, happy day!


I wish you a very sweet day too, dear friends!


(Update: You can now find the pattern HERE.)


Back :)


First of all, thank you all so very much for your amazing and encouraging comments and emails that you have sent my way. In our family, things are much better now and I really hope they stay that way for a very, very long time.

With the atmosphere of our everyday lives slowly calming down, my mind is now starting to be able to concentrate on crafty and joyful projects for this little site of mine.

I am already working on a simple and colorful crochet project (thanks heavens for crocheting, it is the most soothing activity ever!) and I have a few more crafty plans for the coming days too… there’s someting yummy going to be prepared for our mutual enjoyment, then there’s a cute paper craft waiting in line… aaand, the thing I am soooo looking forward to – I am planning a solo trip to a gorgeous, gorgeous city called Vienna where I would like to make as many lovely summer photos as possible… of course, you are invited too!

I can’t wait to share all this with you.

See you later!

And take care!!

With lots of love,


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