Crafting with Kids: Easy Air Dry Clay Christmas Ornaments

air dry Christmas ornaments

Hi friends! How are you doing?

Me and my son have been making Christmas ornaments over here. And we’d sure love to share.

They are really easy and a lot of.



Easy Christmas Air Dry Clay Ornaments

I think there’s just something really special about making handmade ornaments?

All you need is some air dry clay, a rolling pin, a couple of Christmas cookie cutters, a straw, a few interestingly textured items to give your ornaments some lovely festive patterns, brush and watercolors and some yarn. That’s it.



Easy Christmas Air Dry Clay Ornaments

To make our ornaments, we first rolled our clay into about 3 mm thickness.



Easy Christmas Air Dry Clay Ornaments

We used our cutters to cut out various shapes.



Easy Christmas Air Dry Clay Ornaments

We used a fir tree branch and a rolling print to make a fun imprint.



Easy Christmas Air Dry Clay Ornaments

We also used a piece of burlap ribbon to make a pattern.



Easy Christmas Air Dry Clay Ornaments

To make sure we’ll be able to hang our ornaments, we made holes in them using a straw.



Easy Christmas Air Dry Clay Ornaments

Cute, right!



Easy Christmas Air Dry Clay Ornaments

Love them!



Easy Air Dry Clay Christmas Ornaments

We let the ornaments dry for a day or two. And then we painted them.



Easy Air Dry Clay Christmas Ornaments

Finally we added festive pieces of yarn to be able to hang our ornaments.

Easy and fun.

We are wishing you the best Holiday Season!

We love you,

Petra and her family



My Favorite Book

This is my favorite book.

The favoritest…est…est of all.

It was absolute love at first sight when I first saw it.

I had instantly gotten amazed by its wonderful, vibrant colors.

And by the wonderful golden edges.

“Varázslatos mesék” means Magical Fairy-tales… this much I know.

And we are speaking Hungarian here, ladies and gentlemen.

Except, I don’t understand any other word inside the book.

Not a SINGLE word.

Because I just don’t speak Hungarian.

When I look at this page I see nothing… there’s no meaning to me at all.

… but this… this makes SO much meaning – the wonderful pictures and illustrations – it’s unbelievable.

The whole book is flooded with the loveliest pictures I have ever seen.

Some are really funny.

Some are dramatic.

Do you know this smart guy?

You surely do.

What a cute little girl.

And what a cute little puppy.

These lovely animals seem to be living in sweet and perfect harmony over there.

What a bliss.

I love these wonderful details – there’s an abundance of them in the book.

So cute.

Look – this is me… chubby and knitting.

Yay – me again, baking – that’s my thing.

I love to thumb through this book and indulge in its wonderful illustrations.

A big THANK YOU to all the people who have put this perfect piece of art together.

(P.S.: Have you noticed?… “Illustrations: Magda”.

Who are you Magda?… Where are you?… I want to be your friend.)

I Am Doomed

This is the last picture your dear Petra had ever taken in her wonderful life…


Just joking.

No matter what this looks like it is a project.

A big, fun, well-planned project.


With my lovely nephew Gaby being the co-operator in this big thing.

And let me tell you that we succeeded big time.

Because we are a great team…

That’s what we are.

Gaby, Blue Mittens And A Snowman

(Update: To see more of my patterns, please visit my ONLINE SHOP!)


Recently I’ve finished knitting these blue fingerless mittens for my dear nephew.

I asked him to be a model for a little while and wear the mittens for a teeny photo shoot.

He was very kind and professional and without any hesitation he agreed.

So together we went outside and took some nice pictures.

These mittens are made for some serious use.

They can endure a real tree climbing.

And once you are able to climb a tree you are a real winner!

Wow, what a gorgeous pose.

And what gorgeous fog around you.

And of course, how could we not strike a pose next to our beloved snowman?

Thank you Gaby, it was a pleasure to cooperate with you.

You are a precious friend indeed.

(If you’d like to make similar mittens feel free and follow the pattern here.)

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