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little big hand mr.P

Hi friends!

I am thrilled to announce that two weeks ago our little Mr.P was born. He is healthy and oh so handsome. Our hearts are overflowing with love and joy.

See you when things get a little settled around here (right now I am in the process of learning how to do just about everything with one hand). 🙂

With lots & lots & lots of love,


P.S.: Any advice on spending the first weeks at home with a new baby will be greatly appreciated…

New Pattern ~ Crochet Animals (Ornaments, Appliques, Garland)

crochet animal ornaments pattern

Look what’s on our Christmas tree!

Smiley faces overload.

We have a very cheerful tree this year – teddy bears, monkeys, cats, and the owls that I made the other day – these all make us very happy.

Oh, there’s nothing like the joy of creating your own handmade decorations.

Especially if they look and smile back at you!



crochet animals faces - teddy bear, monkey, cat  - garland, appliques, tree ornaments

As usual, I have put together a pattern for those of you who’d like to make these cheerful faces too.

The pattern contains 64 helpful pictures to make the project as easy to follow as possible.

These cuties can be used as Christmas tree ornaments, …


crochet toy animal faces - cat, teddy bear, monkey - appliques, ornaments, garland

… you can use them as appliques for your craft projects, …



crochet toy animal faces - cat, teddy bear, monkey - appliques, ornaments, garland

… and I’m sure your kids will love you forever and beyond if you make a happy garland like this one for them.

For more info, feel free to visit my online shop.

See you soon!

With lots of love,


My Favorite Book

This is my favorite book.

The favoritest…est…est of all.

It was absolute love at first sight when I first saw it.

I had instantly gotten amazed by its wonderful, vibrant colors.

And by the wonderful golden edges.

“Varázslatos mesĂ©k” means Magical Fairy-tales… this much I know.

And we are speaking Hungarian here, ladies and gentlemen.

Except, I don’t understand any other word inside the book.

Not a SINGLE word.

Because I just don’t speak Hungarian.

When I look at this page I see nothing… there’s no meaning to me at all.

… but this… this makes SO much meaning – the wonderful pictures and illustrations – it’s unbelievable.

The whole book is flooded with the loveliest pictures I have ever seen.

Some are really funny.

Some are dramatic.

Do you know this smart guy?

You surely do.

What a cute little girl.

And what a cute little puppy.

These lovely animals seem to be living in sweet and perfect harmony over there.

What a bliss.

I love these wonderful details – there’s an abundance of them in the book.

So cute.

Look – this is me… chubby and knitting.

Yay – me again, baking – that’s my thing.

I love to thumb through this book and indulge in its wonderful illustrations.

A big THANK YOU to all the people who have put this perfect piece of art together.

(P.S.: Have you noticed?… “Illustrations: Magda”.

Who are you Magda?… Where are you?… I want to be your friend.)

I Can’t Believe How Talented My Nephew Is

My nephew Gabriele is eleven years old and he is already able to create such a beautiful creature.

He’s made it out of wonderfully colored clay he got for Christmas.

He made it and baked it and it’s done.

I love it!

A dragon – so adorable!

Just look at the tongue – such a precise work.

I am amazed!

And there’s also a little secret.

The Wizard and The Dragon have their own little brains put in their heads.

There are small red balls of clay that represent their brains.

So they are pretty smart.

I think I’ve just heard them say something…

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