Halloween Ghost Pancakes

halloween ghost shaped pancakes step by step picture recipe

I have a tiny little idea for you.

What about making this BOOtiful time of year even more spooky and special with some ghost shaped pancakes?

We had an army of these for breakfast today, and they have totally and completely made our day.

Whether you’ll serve them to little ones or those who are a bit older, I am sure they will all love them a lot.

Back, Thankful, and Learning

Hi, dear friends!

Just a few days ago I returned from the visit to my sister’s home that I wrote to you about recently. The visit was kinda tough, though it can not be easy when people are in trouble. Especially when health has been thrown in the game.

Oh, well.

Nevertheless, I and my sister would like to thank you for the nice and very kind words you’ve expressed. Big THANKS, big HUGS, and many KISSES are flying your way right now.

And the picture above? It has nothing to do with the visit, but it has much to do with our day yesterday. We visited Vienna again (gosh, do we love that city) to have a look what their Museum of Nature and Science looks like from the inside. Right now I am going through many, many pictures that I took there and will post about that magnificent experience as soon as possible.

Spoiler alert: DIAMONDS and DINOSAURS will be included.

Till then, have a very nice and a very BOOTIFUL week!

With lots of love,


Caramelized Apple Crepes

caramelized apple crepes step by step recipe with pictures

Crepes are yummy.

Fall is good.

That much I know.

And what about fall inspired crepes? ‘Is that possible?’ I thought.

I’ll tell you what – not only it is possible, the result also is amazingly delicious!


Sure I have the recipe for you, here it is…



caramelized apple crepes step by step recipe with pictures ingredients

The list of ingredients.



caramelized apple crepes step by step recipe with pictures batter in bowl

1. First, in a larger bowl, combine the flour, milk, water, sugar, eggs and salt.


london park

Hi, dear friends!

I am sending you my warm greetings from a different land than I usually do. It is London now.

Without expecting it before, I had to fly here a few days ago to meet my beloved sister. She and her family need a lot of support now since, you know, things get difficult sometimes. People get sick. Husbands get sick, sometimes very sick, and sometimes it is just too scary. Oh, well. Real life happening.

Anyhow, I’d so love to send more posts this week for you to enjoy. I’ve prepared some really tasty fall inspired crepes recently, and you really need to see them. I’ll just try my best to appear here again as soon as possible.

Till then, have a nice and healthy week.

With lots of love,


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