Christmas in Vienna

Christmas 2013 in Vienna - Vienna Christmas Market

Hello friends!

I hope you and yours are enjoying a very happy holiday season!

We definitely are!

One of the things that have made me happy recently was a trip to Vienna that we took a few days before Christmas. The only goal of the trip was to soak up the lovely festive atmosphere that this amazing city is so famous for around this time of year. With a simple goal like this, the mission was really easy to accomplish. We strolled the streets of Vienna city center utterly amazed at the abundance of wonderful Christmas cheer that was present just everywhere.

Are you friends ready for a lot of bright Christmassy goodness? Yes? Then here we go…


Christmas 2013 in Vienna - Vienna Christmas Market

Christmas 2013 in Vienna - Vienna Christmas Market

A Trip To A Nature Museum

vienna nature science museum building outside view picture

Last weekend me and my boyfriend thought it was the best time to go and visit one of Vienna’s many museums.

So we chose the Nature Museum, and we were glad we did.

Would you like to see what we saw?

Just have a look, you are invited…



vienna nature science museum stone and minerals exposition

We started with stones – the most basic representation of elements – and slowly we proceeded towards  more complex organisms.



vienna nature science museum stone and minerals exposition

Scientific explanation of the picture above: ‘This is a lot of stones, ladies and gentlemen’.

Back, Thankful, and Learning

Hi, dear friends!

Just a few days ago I returned from the visit to my sister’s home that I wrote to you about recently. The visit was kinda tough, though it can not be easy when people are in trouble. Especially when health has been thrown in the game.

Oh, well.

Nevertheless, I and my sister would like to thank you for the nice and very kind words you’ve expressed. Big THANKS, big HUGS, and many KISSES are flying your way right now.

And the picture above? It has nothing to do with the visit, but it has much to do with our day yesterday. We visited Vienna again (gosh, do we love that city) to have a look what their Museum of Nature and Science looks like from the inside. Right now I am going through many, many pictures that I took there and will post about that magnificent experience as soon as possible.

Spoiler alert: DIAMONDS and DINOSAURS will be included.

Till then, have a very nice and a very BOOTIFUL week!

With lots of love,


Vienna in August

Vienna in August pictures

We visited Vienna yesterday.

With it’s romance, history, and elegance, Vienna holds a very special place in my heart.

It is just adorable.


Vienna in August pictures

These balls marked the beginning of our exciting stroll.

That is a good sign!

Or is it?


Vienna in August pictures

The atmosphere was very leisurely.

It was a bank holiday in Austria.

And a national sudoku day also, I guess.


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