An Update

Mr P in the park

Hey friends! I hope you are doing fine.

I am stopping by to give you a little update on what’s been going on in our household lately.

As you might have noticed, we welcomed a new buddy in our family this March, our little Mr. P, the beloved and long awaited son.

We feel like the happiest people under the Sun right now.

Our days are filled with a lot of joy indeed. We cuddle, we take long walks and we have been to a few trips as well. As you can imagine, there are new duties too. But as one friend of mine advised, I am just taking it all in happily, no complaints.

A lot of you, dear readers, told me to enjoy every moment because the newborn days fly so incredibly fast. And I can definitely see that. With our little one being almost three months young now, I have already packed and stored his newborn clothes and just this morning I did the same with his 0-3 months ensemble (sniff, sniff).

So that much about Mr. P.

On the blog front, I have soooo many new ideas brewing in my head, drawn on papers or described in my notebook. Our little family is still in the process of finding our routines and I am trying to fill each window of free time with a little bit of creativity and crochet. Hopefully, we will soon find the pace that will allow me to post more. Well, I know we will. But I am not trying to push it.

I have a new crochet pattern that I started making before Mr. P arrived. It’s colorful and oh so cheerful. I am planning to add a few finishing touches to it and present it on the blog soon. If you are interested, stay tuned. I’ll be glad.

So…, I think that’s all about me and my current life. So little going on and so much going on all at the same time.

Thank you for letting me share! You are the best!!!

With lots of love,


P.S.: I would like to say a big THANK YOU for the sweet words you left in the comments of my last post and on Facebook. You are amazing!!! I might not have enough time to reply but I read every message and appreciate them a lot! 🙂

The Best News

little big hand mr.P

Hi friends!

I am thrilled to announce that two weeks ago our little Mr.P was born. He is healthy and oh so handsome. Our hearts are overflowing with love and joy.

See you when things get a little settled around here (right now I am in the process of learning how to do just about everything with one hand). 🙂

With lots & lots & lots of love,


P.S.: Any advice on spending the first weeks at home with a new baby will be greatly appreciated…

I’m Back!

I’m back, I’m back, I’m back …FINALLY!




My house sitting days are OVER!

I am nothing less than excited about going back to my old life and my old routine …and now even in a new town and in a new flat where me and my boyfriend have moved.

Today I spent the day concentrating on a very important task – walking around the flat for the whole day and watching how the sun moves in relation to my windows trying to find out which spots will work best for the thing I can no more live without – my food photography.

But every now and then my thoughts flew far away to a cute little someone I can’t stop thinking about.

It’s the baby in the picture, my little sister, my parents’ beloved sweetheart – little Georgina.

This is the baby I was looking after for almost three weeks.

Actually, it was her, a canary and a zillion of Mom’s plants.

Me and Georgina, we had the best time together. Still, there were moments when we really missed the parents. To cheer us up we needed to find various funny activities – like trying out different hairstyles for example (for Georgina, of course, I was wearing no hairstyles at all, I was channeling a nature fairy).

My parents arrived home safely.

That means that mine and Georgina’s sweet and careless days are over and we both have to start doing some proper and meaningful work.

In my case, the work consists of cooking, baking and taking pictures for my site (don’t I just have the best life ever?).

Georgina’s days, on the other hand, are filled with helping my parents with the gardening. She’s irreplaceable in this aspect (and in all other aspects, too).

Just look at how much enthusiasm, vigour and responsibility she has for the chores that looking after the garden involves…

Oh, Georgina, you are the sweetest little creature that I’ve ever met – my time spent with you was just wonderful.

I think I love you.

Of course, except for those gloomy, obscure moments when you were chasing frogs, maybe ate some of them, had a physical tremor afterward and ran after another frog as soon as the tremor was gone …that haunting stuff I hope to forget really soon…

Let’s Get The Party Started!

Today I’ve found an interestingly looking envelope in the mail.

Inside the envelope, there was this gorgeous card – a gift from my beloved sister who lives in a faraway land and whom I get to see about every light year.

She’s made it by herself because she is immensely gifted and talented (… and I’m absolutely convinced she is going to have her own fashion line one day).

The reason why I obtained the card might have something to do with my birthday, I think.

All signs seem to be pointing towards that fact.

Especially the date today.

Look, it’s really for me.

How sweet!

I love the way how my sis ends the letters – I always get greetings not only from her, but also from her husband, son, dog, birds and fish.


And I thank you all!

30 is not my age yet.

I am 29 today.


How come?

These balloons were used for my boyfriend’s last year’s 30th birthday party.

Do you think I’m being frugal enough, or do you have any ideas how I could have pushed this any further?

And now let’s party!


Let’s celebrate the last year of being twenty-something…


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