Sometimes I find myself in the mood… to put this world into a different angle.

Sometimes I’m in the mood to take vengeance on this world by sucking all color out of it.

There you go…

Sometimes my mood is not so harsh and I give this world a slight ‘vintage’ chance.

And sometimes I get just amazed by how much power I have over this world…

Phew…! New Header Completed!

My head is pounding right now…

That’s probably caused by the state of utter concentration I’ve been in all day – trying to make my new header.

It might sound strange to you – especially after considering the fact that my header is not the finest one – but I am proud!

I am proud because this has been my second day of using Photoshop ever – so there was a lot of learning going on. And also I’ve discovered how magical brushes can be?


Completely magical!

Brushes – some of you might know them as simple strokes, but man, can they be elaborate. Just imagine that the whole butterfly-swirly thing you can see in the header above is just one pretty enlarged brush stamp.


That’s something!

My huge thanks goes out to the guy/guys/girl (not really sure here) from “FrozenStarRo” (you can find their gorgeous work on this site). Where would I be without their outstanding brushes?

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