Phew…! New Header Completed!

My head is pounding right now…

That’s probably caused by the state of utter concentration I’ve been in all day – trying to make my new header.

It might sound strange to you – especially after considering the fact that my header is not the finest one – but I am proud!

I am proud because this has been my second day of using Photoshop ever – so there was a lot of learning going on. And also I’ve discovered how magical brushes can be?


Completely magical!

Brushes – some of you might know them as simple strokes, but man, can they be elaborate. Just imagine that the whole butterfly-swirly thing you can see in the header above is just one pretty enlarged brush stamp.


That’s something!

My huge thanks goes out to the guy/guys/girl (not really sure here) from “FrozenStarRo” (you can find their gorgeous work on this site). Where would I be without their outstanding brushes?

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