Just Wondering





Or these.



Or look at these.


I just needed to show you my newest find. My love! The cutest clogs ever!

The only thing that keeps me from buying about 10 new pairs is whether it is or it is not illegal to buy summer shoes when summer is almost officially over.

But there’s still next summer, right? Are you with me?


With love,
🙂 Petra

(More clogs here. This is not a paid advertisement, this is love!)


7 thoughts on “Just Wondering

  1. 1
    Dena says:

    They are lovely. No, it is not illegal to buy things for next summer now. Then you have them to dream about all winter! Pick your favorite color and go for it. (I like the pink ones, then there were the red ones on the site….) Enjoy.

  2. 2
    Adriana Davoli says:

    Those pink ones are just the best. I love them already.

  3. 3
    vassia says:

    ohhh I love the pinks!!!!!!
    toooooooo bad I can’nt find them in my country :(((((
    lucky you! buy and enjoy! :))

  4. 4
    Lizzie says:

    Do it! Live in the moment and do what you want! If you like them and you want them and you can afford them then get them 😀 The pink ones are gorgeous 🙂 x

  5. 5
    Merry says:

    Pink! So lovely! go with pink, and if you need two, the black are cute. But pink is best. What a great find.

  6. 6
    Rae says:

    I’m quite partial to the polka-dot ones. They are all cute thought.

  7. 7

    Love all three!!!
    And I believe it’s perfectly fine to buy for next summer. In fact it’s very smart as u can get summer shoes on sale right now ,,, very smart 🙂

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