The Cutest Puppies


We visited my mom and dad this past weekend.

It was a very special visit because we got to see, for the first time, new little bundles of fur, otherwise known as puppies.

They are tiny Yorkshire Terriers.

Cuteness Overload

monkey behind log of wood

It’s becoming a regular habit of mine to show you the photos that I’ve taken during our weekend trips.

So if I see the cutest monkeys over the weekend nothing in this world will stop me from showing them to you.


Except for a limited internet connection.

But other than that, nothing.

This time it was Zoo Győr in Hungary.

The zoo is rather small, but I’ve come to a conclusion that it’s good that way.

You get entertained from the first second on and before you know two hours of the best fun have passed.

There’s no time to get bored.

Or no time for your legs to start hurting.

Which is really great.

mama monkey carrying baby monkey on her back

Baby monkey: “Mama, can I be a crocodile when I grow up?”

Mama monkey: “Sure my dear, sure.”

mama monkey carrying baby monkey on her back

Monkey love.


The Emu.

It was standing very close to me.

Also, it was taller than me.

For a second I thought I was going to leave without my left eye.

Or my camera.



The mischievous Llama.

He’s decided to go for a stroll all by himself.

Cute… that’s probably the only thing that his caretakers didn’t have on their minds at that very moment.

They would rather have seen a fence around him.

The Llama waited for the chasing guys here and there and allowed them to approach to a distance of about two steps just to start running again.

I like Llamas with humor.

American Coati

The South American Coati.

They love taking naps in the tree tops.

Just like me.


eagle carried on a hand

Very cute friends.

Don’t you think?



Who knew giraffes love cherries?

I didn’t.

 giraffe being fed a cherry

Hi guys!

Want a cherry?

If by any chance you find yourself in Győr one day, now you know there’s a lot of cuteness there for you to see.


The Cuteness Seeker


At the Zoo

This is not my new pet.

This gorgeous funky/horror looking buddy is a penguin. Would you guess that?

We found and befriended him over the past weekend while visiting a very special place – the oldest zoo in the whole wide world – Zoo Vienna.

Man, was that a gorgeous trip.

I loved all the animals.

And I also loved all the popsicles I happened to eat.

By the way, do you think three is too many?

I’m actually asking whether three is too many popsicles to eat, not if three is too many animals to see in a zoo?

Well, who knows…

So, anyhow, I had three. But to my defense, it was very, very hot and we walked about 700 miles and in the end I thought I was seeing a gorilla while I was actually looking at a squirrel.

Oh, yeah, that’s me.

There was this underground corridor which led to a glass dome in the middle of a prairie dogs’ field.

And I love prairie dogs.

So I just had to squeeze myself in there.

Made for kids or not, attractions like these I simply cannot resist.

And then we met this buddy – Fred the Seal.

He’s huge.

The picture captured the moment when he was putting on his best smile just to get a nice juicy fish from his caretaker.

Nice smile Fred!

I use the same face when I want a sweet treat from someone.



And a big splash.

And screaming kids soaking wet.

And a lot of joy around the pool…

It just happens so, that in every zoo we visit I fall in love with some animal.

So far, I adore prairie dogs, Kiran (I love you! I miss you!) and now I heart seals more than I could ever imagine.

I wonder who’ll dazzle me next…

Whoever that will be, I’ll definitely let you know…

What I Love About Photography

I love hunting for beauty.

I love that sweet feeling it brings when I find it eventually.

It’s absolutely worth all the effort.

My heart thumping with excitement, my head spinning with joy.

With the help of my beloved camera (yes, beloved, I’m sorry… but it just happens to be so), I capture that glittery snippet of reality and keep it as a trophy forever.

Sweet, sweet feeling…

I love looking at things from different angles.

I love the different perspective.

There’s a lot of magic to be found when you shift your point of view slightly.

I love closer looks.

To watch the nature’s heartbeat from afar – not disturbing it, yet still being able to caputre its intimacy – is very precious to me.

Oh… and there are a lot more things that I love about  photography… and I will surely share them with you when the time comes…

Until then, enjoy!


Petra, The Escapist

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