The Cutest Puppies


We visited my mom and dad this past weekend.

It was a very special visit because we got to see, for the first time, new little bundles of fur, otherwise known as puppies.

They are tiny Yorkshire Terriers.



They were born just one month ago.



Currently, they are learning to walk – sometimes confusing moving forward with moving backwards.

Just like me.


(Just a little.)



They eat a lot.

And fall asleep immediately.

It either looks like this…



… or like this.



Then they wake up again and bite anything that’s near, which can easily be a sister’s head.

Oh, and yeah, they are girls. All four of them. Isabella, Simba, Salma and Sara.


I am definitely going to keep you updated on how these babies grow. They are going to change in color and their fur will be longer too.

With love,

11 thoughts on “The Cutest Puppies

  1. 1
    Michaela says:

    Jeej tie su krasne 🙂 Tesim sa na fotky ako budu rast. Moja mladsia by taketo steniatko stiskala ako vankusik.

  2. 2
    Tecrin says:

    Oh! *melts* adorable puppies!

  3. 3

    oh..oh…oh my goodness, I think i just fell in love with a puppy, or multiple puppies, they are all so so cute and your photos are WONDERFUL. I used to have a yorkshire terrier when i was younger called frisby, funny little things 🙂

  4. 4
    Adriana says:

    Isabella is the best, Isabella rocks. Love her already so much!!!!

  5. 5
    Adriana says:

    Lot’s of health, all the best. May only good things happen to you my sweet puppies. We love you!!!!!!!

  6. 6

    Nice post. I myself is a pet lover and remembers when I bought my puppy long back. I do like reading lots of good posts on pets and just came across your blog, finding it be worthy reading and I have bookmarked it as well. Hoping to see more posts on pet lover in near future. Thank You.

  7. 7

    Awww..these puppies are soooo adorable! I have a yorkie and remember when he was just a tiny little puppy like this. So cute! 😀

  8. 8
    zoomyummy says:

    Hi Christina!

    I am glad I’ve brought back nice memories.

    I love these little puppies too. I would love all four of them to be mine. They are the sweetest dogs ever. And I really love the character of this breed too. They are so positive and good. 🙂 Petra

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