The Cutest Puppies


We visited my mom and dad this past weekend.

It was a very special visit because we got to see, for the first time, new little bundles of fur, otherwise known as puppies.

They are tiny Yorkshire Terriers.

I’m Back!

I’m back, I’m back, I’m back …FINALLY!




My house sitting days are OVER!

I am nothing less than excited about going back to my old life and my old routine …and now even in a new town and in a new flat where me and my boyfriend have moved.

Today I spent the day concentrating on a very important task – walking around the flat for the whole day and watching how the sun moves in relation to my windows trying to find out which spots will work best for the thing I can no more live without – my food photography.

But every now and then my thoughts flew far away to a cute little someone I can’t stop thinking about.

It’s the baby in the picture, my little sister, my parents’ beloved sweetheart – little Georgina.

This is the baby I was looking after for almost three weeks.

Actually, it was her, a canary and a zillion of Mom’s plants.

Me and Georgina, we had the best time together. Still, there were moments when we really missed the parents. To cheer us up we needed to find various funny activities – like trying out different hairstyles for example (for Georgina, of course, I was wearing no hairstyles at all, I was channeling a nature fairy).

My parents arrived home safely.

That means that mine and Georgina’s sweet and careless days are over and we both have to start doing some proper and meaningful work.

In my case, the work consists of cooking, baking and taking pictures for my site (don’t I just have the best life ever?).

Georgina’s days, on the other hand, are filled with helping my parents with the gardening. She’s irreplaceable in this aspect (and in all other aspects, too).

Just look at how much enthusiasm, vigour and responsibility she has for the chores that looking after the garden involves…

Oh, Georgina, you are the sweetest little creature that I’ve ever met – my time spent with you was just wonderful.

I think I love you.

Of course, except for those gloomy, obscure moments when you were chasing frogs, maybe ate some of them, had a physical tremor afterward and ran after another frog as soon as the tremor was gone …that haunting stuff I hope to forget really soon…

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