Gaby, Blue Mittens And A Snowman

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Recently I’ve finished knitting these blue fingerless mittens for my dear nephew.

I asked him to be a model for a little while and wear the mittens for a teeny photo shoot.

He was very kind and professional and without any hesitation he agreed.

So together we went outside and took some nice pictures.

These mittens are made for some serious use.

They can endure a real tree climbing.

And once you are able to climb a tree you are a real winner!

Wow, what a gorgeous pose.

And what gorgeous fog around you.

And of course, how could we not strike a pose next to our beloved snowman?

Thank you Gaby, it was a pleasure to cooperate with you.

You are a precious friend indeed.

(If you’d like to make similar mittens feel free and follow the pattern here.)

Once In A Blue Moon

Oh, this is amazing!

I have to tell you.

I am shocked!

All right… all right… –  just calm down dear Petra.


… the story is, that during the recent New Year’s Eve I tried to make some shots of the fireworks.

I was just preparing my camera when I noticed that the Moon seemed to be full that night.

So I made a picture.

And just now I have found out that I snapped an amazing wonder called the Blue Moon.

You surely know the phrase – ‘once in a blue moon’ – meaning that something is very rare to happen.

I have that phrase on a picture!


Blue moon – which is the term describing the 13th full moon of the year – occurs about once every two and a half years – which is the reason why ‘once in a blue moon’ is used to mean ‘rarely’.

Furthermore a blue moon falling precisely on December 31st is extremely unusual.

The last time it happened was in 1990, and the next time won’t be until 2028.


I consider this to be a good sign…

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