Once In A Blue Moon

Oh, this is amazing!

I have to tell you.

I am shocked!

All right… all right… –  just calm down dear Petra.


… the story is, that during the recent New Year’s Eve I tried to make some shots of the fireworks.

I was just preparing my camera when I noticed that the Moon seemed to be full that night.

So I made a picture.

And just now I have found out that I snapped an amazing wonder called the Blue Moon.

You surely know the phrase – ‘once in a blue moon’ – meaning that something is very rare to happen.

I have that phrase on a picture!


Blue moon – which is the term describing the 13th full moon of the year – occurs about once every two and a half years – which is the reason why ‘once in a blue moon’ is used to mean ‘rarely’.

Furthermore a blue moon falling precisely on December 31st is extremely unusual.

The last time it happened was in 1990, and the next time won’t be until 2028.


I consider this to be a good sign…

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