Back :)


First of all, thank you all so very much for your amazing and encouraging comments and emails that you have sent my way. In our family, things are much better now and I really hope they stay that way for a very, very long time.

With the atmosphere of our everyday lives slowly calming down, my mind is now starting to be able to concentrate on crafty and joyful projects for this little site of mine.

I am already working on a simple and colorful crochet project (thanks heavens for crocheting, it is the most soothing activity ever!) and I have a few more crafty plans for the coming days too… there’s someting yummy going to be prepared for our mutual enjoyment, then there’s a cute paper craft waiting in line… aaand, the thing I am soooo looking forward to – I am planning a solo trip to a gorgeous, gorgeous city called Vienna where I would like to make as many lovely summer photos as possible… of course, you are invited too!

I can’t wait to share all this with you.

See you later!

And take care!!

With lots of love,


Back In A Few Days

Hi, dear friends!

I am stopping by to let you know I… kinda… will not be able to blog for a few days since I need to take good care of my dear family (my Mum and especially my Dad). I am sure the whole situation will be much better by next week… which is when I will be back to blogging for sure.

With lots of love…

P.S.: Take care of yourselves and relax, it is a good thing to do…

New Pattern ~ Happy Crochet Rug


If you have ever crocheted, and especially if you have ever crocheted any granny cluster pattern, then you will surely agree that this kind of pattern is completely and utterly magical.

It is a satisfying and relaxing activity which results in the neatest piece of crochet work.

Well, this is what crocheted granny clusters can bring into your life. Did you know about it?

I definitely know now… because I have just finished my new granny project – the Happy Crochet Rug.



I am in love with it!

It brings so much joy and happiness into the room.



Look, these are the supplies. Just a little stuff is needed here.




My beloved owl cushion loves inhabiting the new rug too.




Sooo… in case you’d like to breath new and colorful life into your house, just have a look in my shop where you can find all the necessary details about the Happy Rug Pattern.

In my humble opinion, this could make a lovely gift, too… what do you think?

With lots of love,

Photography ~ More Contrast, Please!


If you’ve known me for awhile, then you surely know how much I like photography.

It’s the air I breath.

And if you know me even more, then you might have noticed I am a total and complete freak for contrast in my pictures.

In the past few years I have stumbled upon the most hilarious and life-changing ways how the contrast can be increased (you can find my tutorials here and here and here). Knowing that, you can surely imagine the level of my excitement when I just lately found another awesome technique from the realm of contrast enhancement.

Have I already said it is awesome?

Because it is AWESOME!

And probably the easiest method I know… here’s how it works.

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