My Grand Monday Escape

slice of strawberry cake

(Day 70/365)

I escaped all my duties today… and it felt amazing!

Early in the morning, me and a good friend of mine got on a train and set off on an impromptu trip to a nearby town.

Once we got there, we filled our time with a nice walk under a smiling early-spring sun and a visit to a cafe to enjoy a lovely cup of steaming coffee and a slice of delicious cake.

crochet monster cell phone cover


slice of coffee cake

What a special, unique and sweet day this has been. It feels really refreshing to shake up the routine sometimes.



Summer In The City


Hi, dear friends!

I hope you are having a wonderful, sweet and lovely summer.

We love this amazing time of year and try to spend as much time outside as possible. Our most favorite thing to do is going for looong, looong walks.

During one of our latest trips I took a few pictures of the center of the city where we live now. The city is called Bratislava and it is placed in the very heart of Europe, a country called Slovakia.

Would you like to see more? Then come with me…

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