Kung Pao Chicken

kung pao chicken recipe

Kung Pao has been one of my favorite chicken recipes ever since I can remember.

When I found this finger-licking recipe from Bobby (blogchef.net), I immediately knew my fate was sealed. It looked so delicious I needed to prepare it as soon as possible.

Here’s how Bobby himself describes this recipe: ‘Kung Pao chicken first originated in central-western China and has become very popular in the United States. This is the westernized version of kung pao chicken consisting of wok fried chicken pieces, roasted peanuts, scallions and a spicy sauce. For those of you that have been waiting for a Chinese chicken recipe that doesn’t use a deep fryer – this is it.’

And here’s the process in more details…


kung pao chicken ingredients

Here’s all that we need.


kung pao recipe - cubed meat coated with corn flour

1. To make your Kung Pao Chicken, combine the chicken and cornstarch in a bowl and toss to coat.


kung pao - sesame oil in a pan

2. Heat the sesame oil in a wok or pan over medium heat.


kung pao - meat in pan

3. Add the chicken and stir fry 7-9 minutes or until no longer pink inside.


kung pao recipe - spring onions and mashed garlic

4. Chop the green onions and mince the garlic cloves.


kung pao recipe

5. Add the green onions, garlic, red pepper flakes and powdered ginger to the wok or pan and stir fry for about 30 seconds.

kung pao - soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and sugar mixture in a bowl

6. Combine the vinegar, soy sauce and sugar in a small bowl. Mix well.


kung pao recipe - finished - in a pan

7. Add the sauce to the wok or pan.

8. Stir in roasted peanuts. Heat thoroughly.


kung pao chicken recipe

9. Top with additional green onions if desired and serve over white rice.


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(This recipe was adapted from blogchef.net.)


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