Trying To Knit With Chain Of Crochet Stitches

knitting with chain of crochet stitches


Oh, that might easily be the strangest title I have ever used.

Anyhow, the thing is that I decided to make an experiment. I decided to turn a skein of yarn into a chain of crochet stitches and have a look at what it would look like if I used that chain to knit with.


Trying To Knit With Chain Of Crochet Stitches

The inspiration came from this lovely yarn that I recently used to make a knit infinity scarf. This yarn looks a bit like it’s been crocheted, doesn’t it?


Trying To Knit With Chain Of Crochet Stitches

So, I tried it. I turned one skein of light worsted weight yarn into a chain of crochet stitches (the yarn is called Red Heart – Bella, DK). I used a G hook (4 mm) to do that.

And my hands look dry.



knitting with chain of crochet stitches

I then grabbed the largest knitting needles I own (13 mm), cast on 36 stitches and followed a very simple ‘knit 1, purl 1’ pattern.

And this is the result.


knitting with chain of crochet stitches


The plus side I see is that working this way is fun and unusual, the final product is super chunky and warm and the texture is really interesting. But I also see some negatives… like… that a lot of yarn gets used and, well, I imagined the result being a little more neat.

I also thought I could try using a bulky yarn, much larger hook and much larger knitting needles to try this.

If I do do that, I will definitely keep you posted about the result.

Hm, what do you think?


I wish you a great day!

Petra, The Scientist


Simple Knit Infinity Scarf

simple knit infinity scarf tutorial

(365/10) Hi guys!

Have you noticed how popular infinity scarves have become recently?

I am one of those people who have fallen completely head over heals in love with them. They are on my neck all the time. Almost.

Actually, my love for infinity scarves has grown so big that I used some free time during the Holidays and made my own one. And you know what? It’s really simple.

simple knit infinity scarf tutorial

This is what I did: I cast on 60 stitches and following a simple ribbing pattern (knit 1, purl 1) I created a scarf that was about 70 inches (180 cm) long.

Pure therapy!


simple knit ifinity scarf tutorial

I used this yarn. It was a last year’s Christmas present from my Mom and I finally found the right project for it.


simple knit infinity scarf tutorial

The yarn looks really interesting, like a chain of crocheted stitches, actually. It was a pleasure to work with. Thank you, Mom!!


simple knit infinity scarf tutorial

I then bound off all stitches, lined up the cast-on edge with the cast-off edge and sewed the ends together.


simple knit infinity scarf tutorial

The scarf is now a complete circle and ready to wear.


simple knit infinity scarf tutorial

So, so simple, indeed.

I think I might make a crocheted version too. Soon. Yay!!

Lots of love,


It’s in the Genes

I am finally at peace now.

It wasn’t like that before.

I used to struggle and ask myself these never-ending questions: “Why-oh-why dear Petra do you start a project and jump onto another one before having the first one finished? Why? Tell me why? Where’s your willpower gone?”

And then I visited my Mom’s home a few days ago… and she started showing me her recent knitting projects-opening one drawer after another…

Altogether, we counted six things that she was currently working on…

And I just don’t worry ever since…

Bulldog Buddy

Please meet my dear bulldog buddy.

His name is… hmmm… Bulldog (oh, I know, I’m really creative).

He is a bit camera shy.

Let’s forgive him that.

I like to pull his face…

… in many different directions.

And you know what?

He is not just a usual bulldog buddy.

There’s something more to him.

He is usually full of some colorful gorgeous stuff like this.

Now you can see why I love my bulldog buddy so much – he is just so helpful.

I’m sorry buddy – today we’re going to remove your guts.

These have already served us well.

There’s a new project ahead of us.

Here we go…

Black and white – does it evoke anything in your mind?

What about a panda?

Well, we’ll see soon…

… and my good old precious hook.

Actually, that might be even older than me.

It is a precious gift from my Mom.

She bought it quite a while ago and used it to make many beautiful things.

OK… I’ll give you some rest now.

But not for too long buddy, not for too long.

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