New Pattern – Knitted Hooded Baby Jacket (Age 0-3 Months)

knitting pattern - knitted hooded baby jacket age 0-3 months

Happy New Year to everyone! May you be happy and healthy all year long!

I am kicking off this year with a brand new pattern. This one is rather special to me because it’s my first ever knitting pattern. I mean, it’s the first one I have designed and written down for my pattern shop. It’s fun to have a knitting pattern after 63 crochet ones I made before. A special beginning to a hopefully special year.

The pattern describes how to make a Hooded Baby Jacket. The jacket is suitable for babies age 0-3 months. I think the jackets can make lovely gifts for the little humans you or your loved ones may be expecting…

The pattern that I prepared for those of you who are interested, is packed full of pictures and step by step instructions. You can find it in my shops here or here.


knitting pattern - knitted hooded baby jacket age 0-3 months

knitting pattern - knitted hooded baby jacket age 0-3 months

knitting pattern - knitted hooded baby jacket age 0-3 months

knitting pattern - knitted hooded baby jacket age 0-3 months

knitting pattern - knitted hooded baby jacket age 0-3 months

I hope you will have as much fun with this project as I had.

Happy knitting!


My Favorite Holiday Craft

cup and knitting

Although I show all traits of a crochet person throughout the year, I have noticed that there is a different kind of craft that allures me during the holiday season.

It’s knitting.

Sweet knitting.

I don’t really understand why this keeps happening to me, but I can see clearly that each year around Christmas I find myself working enthusiastically on a new knitting project.

Maybe it’s all about the gorgeous sound of needles at work that adds to the delightfulness of holidays and makes this time even more spectacular. Who knows…


Christmas knitting

This year I am working on a special project that is making me very, very happy. I can’t wait to show you the result.

And, by the way, do you have any special craft or hobby that calls your name during the holidays? Do share!

With lots of love,



colorful crochet granny squares

I am wishing you a happy New Year, dear friends!

May it be blessed, lucky and amazing for you all!

My first days of the new year have been filled with a lot of beautifully relaxing crochet. And knitting too.

I have actually realized that I have 3 projects in progress these days.

First of them, my Color Burst Blanket, is gaining its ‘square power’ rather quickly. What a delightful work that is!


knitted basket stitch scarf

I started a green knit scarf. I admit, I love knitting simple scarves just like this basketweave one. I have also realized that when it comes to scarves, I quite often find myself reaching for color green. Who knows why… Anyhow, the basketweave stitch is inspired by my sweet childhood memory – a sweater that my sweet Mom made for me as a present. I loved it so much and will never forget the moment I received it.


crochet earflap beanies with braids

And then, I tried my hand at my first crochet earflap beanies. It’s a fun project. And really easy as well. I see more of these in my life, I guess. Perhaps I’ll make a pattern too.

Do you have any handmade work in progress right now? Do tell! I would love to know.

With love,


Some Cute Sweaters My Mom Knitted

cute knitted sweaters and vests

Earlier this week I went to visit my parents after a couple of months.

When a visit like this takes place, me and my Mom always share the results of our current crafting adventures with each other. Thanks to this happy tradition I was allowed to see the knitted sweaters and vests that my Mom managed to finish during the months of this past winter. I have to admit, that sight left me in a state of complete amazement for quite a while… there were so many items and they were so… well… beauuutiful!

To make her sweaters, Mom almost never uses patterns and her knitted or crocheted products are usually the result of her own imagination.

Would you like to see these beauties in some more detail? Well, I will be happy to show them to you then… 

green knitted sweater

I love this color.


black and orange long knitted vest

Mom fell in love with vests like this one.


black and orange long knitted vest neck detail

Oh, how I love all these details. They are truly fascinating to me. I could study her work for hours.


white long knitted vest front side

As far as I can remember, Mom has been really great with various pattern and shape combinations.

white long knitted vest back side

The back parts of her sweaters tell their own stories. They usually look more or less different from the front parts.


purple long knitted vest

Ah, magnificent!


purple long knitted vest back side

And again, the back side of the vest shown above.


pink long knitted vest

I like this one too. It looks so comfy.

white long knitted vest with pockets

And this I call a masterpiece. It took me quite some time to figure out how it had been done.


white long knitted vest with pockets back side

The back side – just wonderful, in my humble opinion.


stirped pink grey and white long knitted vest

And this is the last one I snapped. Just waiting to be finished. Love the choice of yarn. My Dad chose it, as I’ve heard… great job, Dad :).

I hope you enjoyed this little presentation. I myself am looking forward to many more knitted and crocheted items from my beloved Mom!

With love,
Petra and Gitka


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