The Easiest Knit Pullover (Made In One Piece)


Hi friends!

Today I am so happy to present to you my newest creation which I so moderately called ‘The Easiest Knit Pullover’. Ha!

But, you know, making this pullover is really just… EASY! For all of you who are a little hesitant to start a knit pullover because of all the sewing involved and all the parts that need to be made and assembled somehow, I would suggest this project as a perfect way to start.



Because… all you need to do to produce a pretty decent piece of garment is to just basically knit a cross. A cross with a head opening in the center. All made in one piece.

Easy, right?



Then you just fold it in half and sew it together. And yes, there’s so very little sewing required… there are in fact just two seams – the left side of the pullover plus the bottom part of the left sleeve and then the right side of the pullover along with the bottom part of the right sleeve.



In addition, the patterns you can use are absolutely up to you, starting with the basic garter stitch in which every row is knit … going whichever knit-stitch way you choose, anything you fancy really.



Such a rewarding project indeed.



If you’d like to try to make something similar, then you are welcome to use the following steps as a guide.

The pullover described below is a baby size one, I made it for my 22 months old son.

The chest part is 13 3/4 inches (35 cm) wide, the sleeve is 9 3/4 inches (25 cm) long (unfolded) and the whole length of the pullover 14 inches (36 cm).

To knit it, I used bulky weight yarn (# 5) and 8 mm knitting needles (for larger pullovers I recommend using circular needles).

Gauge: 14 stitches x 27 rows = 4 x 4 inches (10 x 10 cm).


The pattern is very easily adjustable to any size you need.



Step 1: Cast on the desired number of stitches (I cast on 50 stitches).

Knit up to where you want the sleeve to start (I knitted 60 rows).



Step 2: Cut off the yarn (I leave the tails quite long and use them to sew the seams in the end).



Step 3: With new yarn, start the right sleeve – with all your stitches on your left-hand needle, cast on a sufficient number of stitches on your right-hand needle (I cast on 35, the sleeve was then long enough to be folded even).



Step 4: Then continue to knit the stitches from your left-hand needle.



Step 5: Until they have all been knitted.


minimal number of seams, only two actually - left side and bottom part of an arm and then the right side along with the bottom side of the arm

Step 6: Then continue to cast on stitches on your right-hand needle to start the left sleeve. Cast on the same number of stitches as you have cast for the right sleeve.



Step 7: Continue to make enough rows to make the front part of the sleeves (I knitted 40 rows).



Step 8: Choose a sufficient number of stitches to form the head opening, then bind of this number of stitches in the central part of your work, while knitting your row (I bound off 22 stitches).



Step 9: After binding off the stitches, continue to knit all stitches from your left-hand needle.



Step 10: In following row, cast on the same number of stitches as you’ve bound of in the previous row. This way you will ‘close’ the head opening.



Step 11: Then knit all the remaining stitches on your left-hand needle.



Step 12: Continue knitting, making enough rows to make the back part of the sleeves (40 in my case).



Step 13: With all your stitches on the left-hand needle, bind off the number of stitches that make the right arm.



Step 14: Then knit all stitches that form the main part of your pullover (the number of stitches you’ve started your pullover with; 50 in my case).



Step 15: Then bind off all the remaining stitches on your left-hand needle (which is the same number of stitches that form the left arm; 35 in my case).

Cut off the yarn.



Step 16: With new yarn, knit the main back part of your pullover.



Step 17: Bind off.



Step 18: And finally, to finish your pullover, fold it in half with the head opening placed at the top, and sew together the sides of the pullover and the bottom parts of the sleeves.


And that’s it!

Wasn’t it easy?

What do you think?


And here’s a little roundup for you, all steps in one place:


Happy knitting!

With love,

Petra xoxo


Sunday Greetings


Hi dear friends!

I hope you are doing fine and enjoying a lovely Sunday.

Here in my world, the day has been unfolding beatifully so far, with me being seated at my desk, working at some cute craft projects. Oh, the bliss!

There are quite a few projects that have been keeping me busy lately – pullovers and angels mostly. The knit pullovers? They are the easiest ones to make, I am currently making a tutorial to show you the details. And the angels? It seems that I am building an army, spiritual warfare happening here (I am planning to put some in my shop and to make a pattern too).



I will talk about these projects soon.



For now, I am wishing you a wonderful and happy day!

With lots of love,

Petra xoxo


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