Simple Pleasures

simple pleasures

Hi friends!

I hope you are doing fine and that life is treating you well.

I am popping in today to share a couple of things that have been making me happy recently.

Like the colorful letters above. My heart skipped a beat when I found them in the shop the other day. They were exactly what I needed.


simple pleasures

They where just the perfect size to fit in a yellow frame I had prepared for this mantra. It’s a little message I came across a few days back and loved it so much I thought it definitely deserved its own frame and a place in my office.



simple pleasures

I love to knit during the holiday season. I do not know why, but it just is so. I love simple, repetitive patterns and the relaxed mood it brings.

This is the project I started this Christmas. I small blanket. Once it’s finished, it will probably be used as a car seat blanket for my little son.


simple pleasures

I enjoy seeing LOVE popping up everywhere around these days. Hello St. Valentine’s Day, here we come!

Anyhow, love makes everything better, right? And I gladly grabbed this ‘love jar’ to be only mine.


simple pleasures

Oh, and one more thing.

I really like stocking up on new items to offer in the upcoming giveaways here on this little site of mine. This time, I was lucky to find these cute sets of crochet hooks.


simple pleasures

And some yarn too!

So stay tuned, there’s a new contest waiting just around the corner.

Thank you for letting me share! I wish you a lovely week!

With lots of love,


crochet million diamonds blanket

Hi friends!

How are you doing? I hope everything is fine in your lives.

I am having a really great week. I feel relaxed, energized, happy. And I am thankful for everything being really nice in my life right now.

In addition, there are a few little things that I am enjoying immensely at the moment.

Like the project I am working on that is shown in the picture above. It has to stay a little secret for now, but more details will be revealed really soon… 🙂


crocheted hearts

These crocheted hearts. They were used in one of my previous projects and now I kind of can’t stop making them. I am trying to figure out another project for them to be used in. Maybe they could decorate a flower pot.


handful of crocheted hearts

Or they could look lovely if turned into a garland…


variegated yarn

And this new variegated yarn that I found in my favorite local store. I am still not sure what to use it for. Perhaps a baby blanket would be a fine idea. Those will be much needed around here in the near future. Do you have any suggestions?

Wishing you a great week!


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