A Simple Knit Poncho Pullover


Hi, friends. Today I’d like to show you the latest creation of mine – a simple knit poncho pullover.

I added the term poncho to the name because it kind of resembles one, don’t you think?



I made this little poncho for my almost 2 years old son (dear little Mr. P, I apologize for the shimmery yarn, let’s just call it festive, shall we?… you wore it around Christmas, after all… please don’t hold it against me when you’re 18, Mama just craved to work with this yarn so very much).

Anyways, I present this project to you as an inspiration, just an idea how a lovely poncho can be made in such an incredibly easy way. Just have a look…



This is it.

I think there’s a chance this might be the simplest pullover to knit ever – it is made as one simple rectangular piece with a head opening/hole made half-way through.



Once you’re done with your knit rectangle, you just fold it in half and sew the seams on both sides, leaving enough room for arms to go through.



You can even make a cute neck (I was going for something like a cowl neck/turtle neck here), but it would look great without any neck at all, I am sure (I made mine on circular needles).



I chose my favorite cable pattern to knit this poncho pullover (of course), however, this project can be easily made using any pattern you like, getting as easy as using only the knit stitch for the whole project.

But beware, this thing can get pretty addictive (I am currently on my fifth pullover (haha) – I am trying different patterns and adding sleeves to the project while still maintaining the ‘knit-as-one-piece’ principle – I will share more on that in one of my following posts).


With lots of love,


Simple Pleasures

simple pleasures

Hi friends!

I hope you are doing fine and that life is treating you well.

I am popping in today to share a couple of things that have been making me happy recently.

Like the colorful letters above. My heart skipped a beat when I found them in the shop the other day. They were exactly what I needed.


simple pleasures

They where just the perfect size to fit in a yellow frame I had prepared for this mantra. It’s a little message I came across a few days back and loved it so much I thought it definitely deserved its own frame and a place in my office.



simple pleasures

I love to knit during the holiday season. I do not know why, but it just is so. I love simple, repetitive patterns and the relaxed mood it brings.

This is the project I started this Christmas. I small blanket. Once it’s finished, it will probably be used as a car seat blanket for my little son.


simple pleasures

I enjoy seeing LOVE popping up everywhere around these days. Hello St. Valentine’s Day, here we come!

Anyhow, love makes everything better, right? And I gladly grabbed this ‘love jar’ to be only mine.


simple pleasures

Oh, and one more thing.

I really like stocking up on new items to offer in the upcoming giveaways here on this little site of mine. This time, I was lucky to find these cute sets of crochet hooks.


simple pleasures

And some yarn too!

So stay tuned, there’s a new contest waiting just around the corner.

Thank you for letting me share! I wish you a lovely week!

With lots of love,

New Pattern – Knitted Hooded Baby Jacket (Age 0-3 Months)

knitting pattern - knitted hooded baby jacket age 0-3 months

Happy New Year to everyone! May you be happy and healthy all year long!

I am kicking off this year with a brand new pattern. This one is rather special to me because it’s my first ever knitting pattern. I mean, it’s the first one I have designed and written down for my pattern shop. It’s fun to have a knitting pattern after 63 crochet ones I made before. A special beginning to a hopefully special year.

The pattern describes how to make a Hooded Baby Jacket. The jacket is suitable for babies age 0-3 months. I think the jackets can make lovely gifts for the little humans you or your loved ones may be expecting…

The pattern that I prepared for those of you who are interested, is packed full of pictures and step by step instructions. You can find it in my shops here or here.


knitting pattern - knitted hooded baby jacket age 0-3 months

knitting pattern - knitted hooded baby jacket age 0-3 months

knitting pattern - knitted hooded baby jacket age 0-3 months

knitting pattern - knitted hooded baby jacket age 0-3 months

knitting pattern - knitted hooded baby jacket age 0-3 months

I hope you will have as much fun with this project as I had.

Happy knitting!


Knitted Hooded Baby Jacket, Age 0-3 Months (Pattern No. 064)

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Knitting Pattern - Hooded Baby Jacket

Knitted Hooded Baby Jacket, Age 0-3 Months
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The pattern contains comprehensive information on supplies and extra notes to help explain the process.


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Thank you for visiting my shop!

Happy crocheting!

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