Watermelon And Cucumber Cooler

watermelon and cucumber boozy cooler - recipe

Hi dear Friends!

May I invite you for a drink today? (Or should I say ‘July I invite you …’)? 🙂

It is sweet, cooling, refreshing and boozy too!

Sounds good?

Then here it is…


watermelon and cucumber cooler - recipe

To get that lovely drink, all we need to do is cooperate here a little… 🙂

So, to start, let’s find the above mentioned ingredients somewhere.


watermelon and cucumber boozy cooler - recipe

1. Cut the watermelon and cucumber into cubes or chunks.

Try to get rid of as many watermelon seeds as possible.

Or try to get a seedless watermelon… which would solve the whole situation… which leads me to a thought that I might have mentioned this fact earlier… but better late than never, right? Sorry!


watermelon and cucumberwatermelon and cucumber boozy cooler - recipe oozy cooler - recipe

2. Place the fruit chunks in a blender.

Save a few for garnish.


watermelon and cucumber boozy cooler - recipe

3. Blend, blend, blend until all you see is a lovely puree.


watermelon and cucumber boozy cooler - recipe

4. Set a fine-mesh sieve over a large bowl or pitcher and working in batches, pour the puree through the sieve.


watermelon and cucumber boozy cooler - recipe

5. Now press on solids with a rubber spatula to get as much liquid as you can…
or want 🙂

🙂 🙂 🙂 I am smiling a lot today. I wonder why…


watermelon and cucumber boozy cooler - recipe

6. In a small bowl, stir together the lime juice and honey.


watermelon and cucumber boozy cooler - recipe


watermelon and cucumber boozy cooler - recipe

7. Add to the watermelon and cucumber juices.


watermelon and cucumber boozy cooler - recipe

8. And then, ta-dah, add vodka. And if you decide not to, it will still taste very nice.

Adjust sweetness with more honey if desired.


watermelon and cucumber boozy cooler - recipe

9. To serve, fill four glasses with ice and top each with the cocktail. Garnish with cucumber and watermelon skewers.

I think this drink just screams ‘SUMMEeeeeeeR’!


With love,

(This recipe was adapted from MarthaStewart.com. Makes 4 servings.)


New Pattern – Sweet Crochet Coasters


We are enjoying a pretty hot summer here in the heart of Europe these days.

Hot summer means cool drinks. And cool drinks mean colorful and sweet coasters.

That’s what I told to myself the other day and enthusiastically started to create a new crochet coaster design – The Sweet Crochet Coasters.




And here’s the result.




I made quite a few.




I like them a lot.

What I probably like the most is how colorful and fresh they look.




I used a scrumptious pure cotton yarn to make them. Working with natural, cooling and colorful yarn is the best thing ever, especially in the summer!




Of course, I’ve put a pattern together for you to enjoy. You can find it and learn more about it in my SHOP.

Enjoy your summer crafting!


No More Water in Your Drink

It’s so hot these days.

As a result, I need a nice cool drink all the time. Actually, I have a long straw and a huge jar positioned in the center of my place and I walk around sipping on something constantly.

Whatever I do.

Cooking, blogging, ironing… sleeping.



But almost.

So yes, these days I’ve been attached to various iced drinks both physically and emotionally. Which made me contemplate the quality of these drinks. Because I want the first gulp to be of the same quality as the last one. I refuse to accept the situation when my drinks get all watered down from the ice cubes that I had added in.

That’s bad.

Really bad.

Like, I am able to accept many things, but not this one.

I guess it’s even against the basic human rights to have a drink like that.

It’s simply too much.

For this reason, I started to freeze all drinks that I like and transform them into ice cubes. That way, until there’s a freezer in my life, I will never ever have to drink a watered down beverage.

My sweet little victory.

This is frozen raspberry tea.

With a mint leaf inside.

The process of making these cubes is easy.

Just easy.

You prepare your favorite drink, add sugar (if you use it), let it cool a little, pour it into your ice cube tray and freeze it.

That’s it.

I use the cubes for my fruit tea …

… and for my mint tea too.

Yeah, those are mint tea ice cubes.


And guess what these are.

Hint: They go to a Frappé Coffee.

Yes, they are coffee ice cubes.

Double yum!

I love these cubes and these drinks. They make summer so much more enjoyable.

Now I’m curious – what is your favorite summer drink, dear friends?

I would LOVE to know…

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