Colorful Yarn Giveaway (December Edition) – WINNER!

giveaway - zoomyummy - december - winner

Hi friends!

Today I am very happy to announce the winner of the December Edition of the Colorful Yarn Giveaway!

So… the WINNER is…


giveaway - zoomyummy - december - winner

The commenter number 177 – Maria!

Congratulations Maria! You will be contacted via email soon.

Thank you ALL for participating in the contest. You are the best! And stay tuned – there is a new giveaway coming soon.

With love,


Chess Drinking Game – The Winner!

Thank you all for your wonderful ideas on how to play this game …all of them were terrific!

Also, I am very relieved that I’m by far not the only one who’d play this game with alcohol.

So relieved!

And the winner who gets the chess set is…


Linda: “To play this game of chess I’d use cherry vodka… and I’d probably lose even if I played with a monkey.”

Congrats Linda and have a lot of fun (which I am sure you will)! You’ll be contacted via e-mail soon.

Thanks again my dear friends and keep an eye on this site since a new cute and colorful giveaway is waiting for you just around the corner.

Have a wonderful day!



The Winner of the ‘Summer Fun Giveaway’!

Thank you all for participating in the ‘Summer Fun Giveaway’ contest.

Your ideas for popsicle or ice-cream flavors were gorgeous, interesting and BEYOND delicious! Now I definitely know where to go when I need some ice pop inspiration.

Thanks to you our freezer is fuller than it has ever been – freezing things like Diet Coke, for instance.


To choose the winner I used a random number generator ( which showed this result:

And the winner is Sassy: “And.. now… follow you on Facebook.”

(Sassy likes banana or root beer popsicles, by the way.)

Congrats Sassy!

You’ll be contacted via e-mail soon.

Have a wonderful day, everybody, and stay tuned! A new cute giveaway is lurking just around the corner!

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