Crocheted Eyes, Many Many Crocheted Eyes (365/9)

crocheted eyes for crochet owl cushion

I have spent a good portion of the day today trying to figure out the best eye design for my new crochet owl cushion. I ended up with about 15 slightly different eyes altogether. However, in the end I decided that I like the original version that I created first best. So I’ll stick to that one, I think.

It was still a sweet day, though.


(Update: You can now find the pattern for the Crochet Owl Cushion HERE.)


Making Coffee (365/8)

making coffee red mug with polka dots

I got this monster coffee machine as a Christmas present and I have to admit that my life hasn’t been the same ever since.

Yes, there’s a lot of coffee making going on in my household these days. ‘Two should be enough’ is what I often say to myself while having my third cup and dreaming of the fourth one… 🙂

As I found out, having a really tasty and fine coffee can transform a regular day into a delightful experience.

Love it!


making coffee milk foam


cappuccino in a red mug with polka dots with cinnamon heart on top

Have a good day, everyone!



Breakfast (Photography Project 365 – Day 6)


This was my breakfast today.

Although I am not much of a breakfast person (a cup of strong coffee is usually all I need), these days I am trying to treat myself to some nice morning meals and see whether it can help prevent my I-could-eat-a-horse hunger that comes in later hours.

We’ll see.

And what about you, dear friends – do you like good and hearty breakfasts or are you like me and enjoy afternoon or evening feasting?

I wish you a nice and healthy week!



Ruffled Feathers And Big Eyes (Photography Project 365 – Day 5)

colorful crochet owl cushion

Today I have finished the first version of my new project.

It’s a colorful and feathery crochet owl cushion. So yep, the owl mania continues over here! Owls are the best!

I will have to make a few adjustments to this design (I’ll try to make the eyes and ears a bit smaller) and then I’ll start working on the pattern to share with you.


Have a lovely weekend!


(Update: You can now find the pattern for the Crochet Owl Cushion HERE.)


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