Flowers For You ♥

flowers in colorful vases on dark wood surface

I am just in the process of putting together a post about surfaces and backgrounds I like to use in my photography. As a part of that I have taken about seven zillion pictures of happy and colorful flowers. Pure joy!

I thought I could send you one of those pictures right now, tell you I love you and wish you a happy weekend too!

So, a happy weekend to you all! Love you!

Petra 🙂

New Ring

This is my new ring.

It seems that I am slowly turning into a nature fairy with all the time I have spent at my parents’ house surrounded by nothing else but a wild forest.

I love the ring, except for the fact that to keep it nice and fresh I need to have my hand dipped in water all the time.

The End.

This was a story of a girl that might be going slightly mad…

P.S.: Please, don’t send help, send eggnog, please.

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