Fall, Sweet Fall


So this is what I’ve been waiting for!

This flamboyant fall parade.

As if nature was giving away these huge doses of energy to prepare us for the not so bright days of winter.

So I am feeding on it, breathing in as much of this exceptional atmosphere as I can.


Look, somebody has thrown glitter on the ground for us to enjoy!


And this cute little daisy is having the time of her life too!


Lovely Early Fall Treats


Managed to gather all these beauties today.

Pure early fall bliss!

Lenka and Leo

Lenka and Leo I

Today I met my dearest friend Lenka with her little boo Leo. I have known Lenka for almost 15 years now. We met each other during our High School years.

She is my closest friend and she is one of those few people in my life who just understand … .

Lenka and Leo II

I brought her a little present because it’s been her birthday recently.

We had a wonderful time full of laughter, ice-cream and girly chat.

OK, we had to run after Leo most of the time, but still, it was fun.

My Mom’s Magical Garden Sneak Peek

My Mom is a hugely inspirational person. She is an avid gardener, talented painter and the best Mom. I love her very much.

It is so much fun to be around her.

There are loads of wonderful stories about her I could share and I surely will.

Today I just took a sneak peak into her gorgeous flower garden. More pics of her exceptional magic powers coming later…

my mom's magical garden sneak peak V

These smell really sweet, they lift my spirits indeed.

And yes, you are right, that is a rabbit in the back. Though Mom wanted to keep her garden for the flowers only, it is slowly transforming into a fairy land, which I absolutely adore.

my mom's magical garden sneak peak I

Very romantic flowers.

my mom's magical garden sneak peak II

… “in da groove”.

my mom's magical garden sneak peak III

… “feelin’ funky”.

my mom's magical garden IV

… “go, bradaz, go”.

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