Crochet Cubes Rule My World

crochet cubes soft toy

Recently, while doing some online toy shopping for my little son, I stumbled upon a cute multi colored cube. I loved it. As I was just about to add it into my cart an idea popped up in my mind – what if I could make something similar with my yarn and hook? That could be fun. And I could finally make a first toy for my baby, the thing I was planning to do for quite some time.

I got really excited and started gathering my yarn immediately.

Right now I am posting this from cube heaven. I made many, frogged even more, and have come up with two designs so far. I carry the third one in my head – it should be a really happy one that I can’t wait to work on.

Cubes are so much fun!

I have now gotten into a state where I think I want to make so many of these soft toy cubes that my little Mr. P will be able to build a fort with them (not yet, since he is only 5 months old, but one has to get prepared). 🙂 And then I really want to make a big one that he can even sit on.

Cubes are really so much fun!

I will share more details about these projects soon. And of course, there will be patterns for you to enjoy.

Thanks for reading!

With lots of love,


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