Trying To Knit With Chain Of Crochet Stitches

knitting with chain of crochet stitches


Oh, that might easily be the strangest title I have ever used.

Anyhow, the thing is that I decided to make an experiment. I decided to turn a skein of yarn into a chain of crochet stitches and have a look at what it would look like if I used that chain to knit with.


Trying To Knit With Chain Of Crochet Stitches

The inspiration came from this lovely yarn that I recently used to make a knit infinity scarf. This yarn looks a bit like it’s been crocheted, doesn’t it?


Trying To Knit With Chain Of Crochet Stitches

So, I tried it. I turned one skein of light worsted weight yarn into a chain of crochet stitches (the yarn is called Red Heart – Bella, DK). I used a G hook (4 mm) to do that.

And my hands look dry.



knitting with chain of crochet stitches

I then grabbed the largest knitting needles I own (13 mm), cast on 36 stitches and followed a very simple ‘knit 1, purl 1’ pattern.

And this is the result.


knitting with chain of crochet stitches


The plus side I see is that working this way is fun and unusual, the final product is super chunky and warm and the texture is really interesting. But I also see some negatives… like… that a lot of yarn gets used and, well, I imagined the result being a little more neat.

I also thought I could try using a bulky yarn, much larger hook and much larger knitting needles to try this.

If I do do that, I will definitely keep you posted about the result.

Hm, what do you think?


I wish you a great day!

Petra, The Scientist


10 thoughts on “Trying To Knit With Chain Of Crochet Stitches

  1. 1
    Adriana says:

    This project looks like a lot of work as you have to do it twice. If the final product is gonna be strong and chunky a handbag could be interesting.

  2. 2
    Jo Creasey says:

    What a great idea! Big knitting grows quickly 🙂
    A good fabric for bags,rugs,pet beds,anything with a chunky,not too uniform look. I love it.
    I’d love to see how using a bulky yarn turns out Petra xx

  3. 3

    Interesting…wonder how it would look if you do stockinete would you seethe chain texture a little better ? Fun experience I bet 🙂

  4. 4
    Maschelle Mashburn says:

    Another great idea! You are so creative! I think this would provide a very warm item. I know I love everything crochet but sometimes the holes in the nature of the crafted product let’s cold air in! I know you are technically knitting, but you’ve incorporated crochette and I am anxious to see what this ends up being. I really love your ideas!

  5. 5
    alekzandra says:

    I think it looks nice, fun idea! I’d like to see what it looks like if you use a bigger gauge.

  6. 6
    Martina says:

    Ahoj Petra! Kde chodíš na tie nápady? Budeš tam mať veľku spotrebu vlny, ale výsledok bude super. Ja by som zvolila vzorku s väčšími okami, vzdušnejšiu, lebo ten nákrčník bude ťažký. Veď uvidíme, som strašne zvedavá….. Musím isť pozrieť Matyáša, buchoce nohami o stenu. On skrátka ešte nespí. Zdraví ťa Martina

    • 6.1
      Petra says:

      Ahoj Martinka! Presne, presne, mas pravdu, tiez som zistila, ze by z toho bol kilovy sal, budem to musiet este lepsie premysliet 🙂 Pozdravujem teba aj Matyaska! 🙂

  7. 7
    Donna says:

    I love chunky! It does have a lot of texture, great idea!

  8. 8
    Tiffany says:

    This was a great idea. Im crocheting my chain now i cant wait to see how it turns out. Love your blog!

  9. 9
    Tess says:

    I think it’s an awesome idea!!!!!

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