Like Alice In Wonderland

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I have been to heaven and back today.

And it only lasted two hours.

Because that’s exactly how long the trip to my most favorite hobby shop lasts.

What I like there best? Hm, let me tell you… buttons, fabrics, funny hats, all those colors, pretty yarns, needles, threads, beads… and interesting make up and more fabrics and more buttons. That is what I like there best.Yeah!

Do you have a store like that too? A store that you really, really like? And use as a therapy place, perhaps? 🙂


8 thoughts on “Like Alice In Wonderland

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    Adriana says:

    A lot of stores feels like a therapy for me, depends my mood. Often it would be clothes shops but lately I love kitchen staff, like posh plates, table cloths and fancy decorations. Done my bit of therapy today as well.

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    Carla says:

    Sounds like an awesome couple hours out! Mine is the bookstore…not just the little bookstores (though they are their own kind of fun), I love going to the Indigo near my house and just wandering around the discount section, then the massive magazine corner and the gift section. It is a dangerous place for me to go though, I have a stack of books (mostly bargain books I’d never heard of) that I have collected over the last couple years but never read. Still, totally worth every minute I spend in there!

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    Tara says:

    Hi dear Petra
    I really love your blog and your writing style… full of joy and liveliness
    Best wishes

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    My town has a lovely haberdashery store that sells all sorts of goodies. It looks awesome, and I love it. Unfortunately, there is one thing that lets it down… the staff! The woman who owns it is ok 50% of the time, but her adult daughters who work there hardly ever crack a smile, never mind a conversation. This makes me sad! I’d LOVE To work there surrounded by gorgeous things all day and talking to people about their craft projects!

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