Breakfast (Photography Project 365 – Day 6)


This was my breakfast today.

Although I am not much of a breakfast person (a cup of strong coffee is usually all I need), these days I am trying to treat myself to some nice morning meals and see whether it can help prevent my I-could-eat-a-horse hunger that comes in later hours.

We’ll see.

And what about you, dear friends – do you like good and hearty breakfasts or are you like me and enjoy afternoon or evening feasting?

I wish you a nice and healthy week!



3 thoughts on “Breakfast (Photography Project 365 – Day 6)

  1. 1
    Adriana says:

    Lovely healthy start if the day. For me it is always the same. Banana and cappuccino. Yummy!

  2. 2
    Nicola says:

    I am really loving your 365 project! The photos you have posted so far are of lovely things that otherwise go unnoticed- I’ll be following this all year I think!

  3. 3
    mau says:

    Delicious healthy breakfast!!!!!
    Loved the idea of your new resolution!!

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