Mini Crochet Slippers…and a free pattern too


If these fit you, you shall be my wife.



In other words, I really adore the comment sections below my posts. Often they are a source of very interesting ideas.

Like, for example, there’s this Crochet Slippers Tutorial that I once wrote. And just recently I noticed my friend Drora suggesting that it could be fun to turn those slippers into miniatures.

I fell in love with that idea instantly.



And this is what I made.



Tiny and cute, if I may say so myself.



I thought the mini slippers would look lovely as Christmas ornaments too.



Hm, what do you think?



As I mentioned, I used my Crochet Slippers Pattern to make them. The original pattern only needed a little bit of tweaking and simplifying.

If you’d like to give this tiny little project a try too, then I hope this pattern for mini slippers will be helpful. The pattern uses US crochet terms. I used lace weight yarn and A/0 (2mm) hook…

Round 1: magic ring – ch 1, 6 sc

Round 2: work in spiral, do not join rounds with slip stitches, mark first stitch of each round…
2 sc in first stitch of previous round,
2 sc in all following stitches,
[stitch count: 12]

Round 3: 2 sc in first stitch of previous round,
1 sc in following stitch,

*2 sc in following stitch,
1 sc in following stitch*,

repeat *…* all around,
[stitch count: 18]

Round 4: 1 sc in each stitch [stitch count: 18]

Rounds 5-7: repeat Round 4 [stitch count: 18]

Row 8: 1 Sl stitch in following stitch,
ch 1,
1 sc in 13 following stitches
[stitch count: 14]

Row 9: ch 1, turn,
1 sc in first stitch,
1 sc in all following stitches
[stitch count: 14]

Rows 10-17: repeat Round 9 [stitch count: 14]

Fold the last row in half with the wrong side of the slipper facing out and join the two halves together with slip stitches. Finish off and weave in the ends.

To create a border, attach a yarn of different color to the slipper opening and crochet a single crochet stitch into each stitch all along the opening. Finish off and weave in the ends.

Also, you can use a fabric stiffener to make your mini slippers look neater. I did do that.



My collection of crocheted ornaments for this year’s Christmas tree seems to be slowly coming together. There are more of colorful little decorations to come, so stay tuned.

Have a very lovely week, dear friends!


(If you’d like to see more of my crochet patterns, you can find them here. Enjoy!)


Apple And Mixed Berry Crumble


I love apple recipes.

The recipe section of this little blog of mine holds quite a few of them, as I’ve noticed.

For some reason, a nice apple dessert baking in the oven is the epitome of home to me. It probably is so because my Mom used to make a lot of apple treats for me and my sister when we were kids, and she still does. Because she’s the best!

Anyhow, here’s another lovely, refreshing, house-warming apple recipe that I am sure you will enjoy as much as I did…



Here’s what we need.



1. To make your own Apple And Berry Crumble, first preheat the oven to
390 °F (200 °C).

2. Then peel, core and cube the apples.

New Pattern – Crochet Christmas Bells


Crocheters, knitters or crafters in general are very lucky people.

Why? I’ll tell you!

Mostly because they have this special right to start thinking about Christmas quite early in the year.

They are allowed to do so because working on their projects will take some time.

Some sweet and lovely time!


If you like crocheting and want to bring some Christmas spirit in your life already, then I have a new pattern for you.

It’s bells.

Christmas bells.

Loved designing them!



Frankly, they are very easy to make, nothing to be afraid of. I recommend this project even for beginners!




Can’t wait to see them on my Christmas tree this year!




I just wonder how many more I need to make… have ten already. And then I will make some as gifts too. Wow, I need many!




And here’s a sneak peek into the pattern. It has many step-by-step pictures, as usual.

If you’d like to learn more details about the pattern, then I’d like to invite you into my shop!

Enjoy your crafting!


Random Joy

Hello dear friends!

I hope you are all doing fine!


Here are a few things I’ve been enjoying recently… like a lovely early-fall trip to the woods and the first cups of mulled wine this year!

I just love that drink!


And it tastes even better when drunk outdoors.

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